'11 Hood Corrosion

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  1. I posted in a thread about the paint bubble problems under the hood/trunk of my 2007 GT. I traded that car in for a 2011. Well, the problem appears to be back...on my 2011 GT. I have 18k miles...it's 1.5 years old.

  2. Hmm. Rust perhaps forming on the underside of the paint?. Idk. The only times I have ever seen problems with paint on vehicles is when they sit in the sun too long without moving...but I believe that is just baking the paint rather than rust. There is my 2 cents. Sorry if it didn't help
  3. There has been a known issue of cross-contamination with the aluminum hoods and steel/rust particles getting trapped under the paint. I'll take it to the dealer and see what they say.
  4. Good idea. Ya, I didn't know that could happen, I thought they were better than that. Everyone makes mistakes I guess. But, it does make sense
  5. I noticed it on the front corner of my 2011 too. I got it used, I must've been too excited when shopping to notice it . :(
  6. When did you notice it? Perhaps it didn't form until after you got it.

    Then again, I have noticed that when buying die-cast NASCAR cars, I inspect them for defects and don't see any until after I get home.
  7. It was probably about 2 weeks after I got it that I noticed the bubbles. I guess since it took a while to notice, it's not too bad.
  8. Ya...so it probably didn't start to really form until after you got it...but there is that chance that you just missed it though. I think I'll go with the first one though. Not saying it would be your fault, just saying it finally started to noticeably form after you got it.
  9. Now you got me worried, I saw something that looks like bubbles under the hood of my 2010 GT.
  10. I don't see why it's not at the dealer already. Fords paint warranty is 5 years unlimited miles.
  11. I have to deal with a German dealer. They have to email Cologne and the US to get an answer.
  12. The dealer said it would most likely be covered under warranty. Once they submit the claim to Ford, you have 30 days to "fix it." I'm going on vacation for the month of July to drive 6,000 miles cross country on Route 66, so we decided to wait until I get back to file the claim. They would remove the hood, sand and treat the affected areas, then repaint the entire hood. Rather than do that NOW and get it bead blasted with rocks on my road trip, I'm going to wait until I get back. :)
  13. I have had the same issue on my 05 got it fix under warranty in 08 and its showing its ugly head again this summer. You would think after ford is going into there 8th build year and one body change of S197 they would of fix this issue with hood. I would said to ford replace the hood with fiberglass or carbon fiber and save them some money on warranty repairs. Now I'm just weighting options getting fixed again or buy a new hood and hope the color matches.