'12 Boss Laguna Seca Test Drive

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  1. Yesterday I got the opportunity to take out a Laguna Seca Boss and I gotta say I am quite impressed with how far Ford has come. The car sounds really awesome, is decently quick, and handles tight and predictable. I'd love to take it out on a track day to see how good it really is and how it handles at the limit.

    I made this little video to capture the awesome experience.

    Sights & Sounds Boss 302 Mustang #616 Laguna Seca Edition - YouTube

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  2. That's awesome, thanks for sharing with us...

    At first I thought it looked a bit ricey but the accents really help it stand out. Looks pretty good but i'd rather have the regular BOSS 302 color scheme (white is sick)

    Surprisingly quiet with those baffles in, almost too quiet - curious how it sounds with them off. I know how much effort they put into the exhaust note and adding those peripheral side-exhaust exits.

    Looked like it pulled well when you got on it and the rear wanted to sway to the side :nice:
    I read that this is not so much of a DD like the regular BOSS is... did it ride that rough? Like those seats
  3. I like the standard Boss 302 color schemes as well and I agree white would be a color I would have.

    Besides the aggressive tire choice (60 wear rating) I would say the Laguna Seca fairs quite well as a daily driver. You can adjust the shocks to the softest setting if necessary. This particular car was in the middle setting which I found similar to the middle setting in my M3 which is my pseudo daily driver.
  4. That's awesome. I'm so jealous.
  5. Sadly I'm jealous as well because it's not my car...lol
  6. Yeah, I wonder which of us is worse off now!

  7. What dealership is allowing test drives of their Laguna Seca? Madness!
  8. Avert thy gaze, for thou are not worthy to even view such a fine machine as this!!

  9. I work at a Ford dealership and people who buys cars like this don't test drive them (they just buy them) and they don't want any more miles on them than the came off the truck with. That is why I'm wondering who this dealership is that feels the need to let people demo this car. And most people that ask to test drive cars like these (Roush, GT 500, Ford GT, etc....) aren't buyers anyway.
  10. Yeah it is unlikely, the big reason I didn't buy the SRT8 is because they wouldn't let me test drive it.
  12. Oh trust me I understood the reason behind it, I just won't buy anything I can't drive. It's the fatal judgmental call when they see you approach, they judge the book by its cover which it always isn't that. This SRT8 was a year model closeout they had it marked down to 40K brand new, but hey the ford dealership was more than happy to let me take a GT Premium stick/auto (trust me i Know these cars are not in the same caliber of cars when it comes to test driving but if the dodge dealer would have been as helpful is this guy at ford showing me around I still may of bought a car from him [just because he wasn't a complete douche])
  13. Girlfriend's father's car...had about 300ish miles on it.
  14. thats unfortunate because i'm guessing it wasn't "broken in" to feel all 444 hp :D
  15. Now that makes sense. For a second I thought a dealer, or saleman, had bumped their head!
  16. Lol yea...girlfriend's father bumped his head and let me drive his baby!