13.20 @ 104 stock!!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by lopey4.6, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. I thought the gnomes got it this time, but still more furry **** in my mailbox :nonono:
    Don;t worry i will get my slip
  2. 05 GT's got faster since the magazines posted #'s on the 05 GTO.
  3. OK gents. I haven't posted here in awhile. here is a dyno sheet from a red 5 speed 05 that was dyno'd. I witnessed it. (lost money on the pool). take your 1/4 ET calculators and do the math.

  4. so a 269 max whp and a 252 max whp

    and looks like 280 tq? Is that correct? oh yeah, where are the timeslips?

  5. the first run look closely is 262/279

    the second run is the one in blue the darker that was the second run . first run was a warm up.

    second run 269rwhp/283rwtq. it is what it is. car definitely needs to breathe. exhaust is restrictive.

    Ford claims 300 hp at the flywheel . deduct what 18% for driveline loss should give you 246. So ford like everyone else has underated the car . flywheel is closer to 320-325 hp. This is Mach 1 territory.

    as far as tiime slips. that's not me. just posting what was dyno'd. PEACE

  6. So the output is equal to that of an LT1? Correct? Combined output that is. Since LT1's Dyno about 250whp and 295-300Tq.

    Not too shabby for a smaller motor I guess. Its about what I would expect from it.
  7. I will be honest and tell you I know nothing of the LT1. I will then take your word for it. so yes they are close. the 05 is putting out what 19 more RWHP? a street run would be close to call. but fun at that.
  8. Normal output for a Z28 and TA LT1 was in the 240RWHP range. The SS and WS6 Camaros of the time would put out closer to 260RWHP. This is when there was actually a difference between the SS and WS6 when compared to the Z28 and TA. The numbers were pretty much identical when they went to the LS1. These numbers are of course with M6's
  9. Where's your timeslips? Remember, it's BS until some proof is supplied.

    EDIT: One more thing...what was the ET and MPH the very first time you ran your GTO?
  10. A good streetrace yes. A good 1/4 miler, well with equal drivers, I would have to go with the 05GT. Its just too fast out of the hole. Now I believe a highway run would be different but not drastic seeing as how the LT1s keep pullin up top.

  11. 240 is on the lowend...I simply said LT1 and the ss and ws6 were LT1's and so 260 whp can be used too.

    So why would it make a difference with an LS1 or LT1? Do the LS1 motors respond THAT much better to an intake than the LT1s?
  12. Well, yes they do. Besides totally different motor. Different block, better heads on the LS1, better factory intake, different cam, pistons, connecting rods and a different crank. Hell even the displacement is different. The LT1 is a 350CID motor. The LS1 is not, if fact it’s less. So much for your more is better theory. The SS and WS6 cars had a different exhaust and intake with the LT1 motors. That’s what bumped them to roughly 305fwhp from the 285fwhp that came on the Z28's and TA's. In 98 when the LS1 came on board the SS and WS6 were advertised with more hp but they dynoed nearly the exact same as the Z28's and TA's. That’s one reason why it's well known that the LS1 was under rated.
    The 240-249 range is not the low end. It's the norm for non WS6 and SS cars which counted for the vast majority of Fbodies sold. The WS6 and SS weren't an in house product for GM until 98.

    So if you use that I can use the Saleen Cobras, and Rousch and Steeda Cobras, Kenny Brown and even better Sean Hylands Mustangs. They even in their NA form deliver better Their not in house by Ford just like the WS6 and SS were not an in house operation for GM.

  13. i see you live in Westlake. i live in Elyria. i'd be glad to varify the results if your friend wishes to run next spring at Norwalk.
  14. The very first run was like 14 something - spun all over the place, after that, mid 13's (13.5's-13.6's) that day. I've only taken it to the track 5 or 6 times. Plus I only paid $27k plus 0% for 72 mo, so it wasn't really any more expensive than a GT 'stang.

    Here's a thread about it over on ls1gto.com


  15. So, in other words, you didn't get that 13.1 until you'd had some time at the wheel and had learned how to drive it in the quarter? Plus, the car had more miles on it as well, correct?

    I'm not really concerned about how much you paid for it or your interest rate.
  16. Thanks DBMStang but the car will be heavily modified by then.
  17. So in other words, completely stock '05 GT's (no weight reduction) will run 13.1's after they have been taken to the track 5 times and have 2000 miles on them?? I don't think its impossible just not likely.

    No, but others in this thread typed something like I paid $10k more than an '05 gt, I was respnding to that.
  18. I was just curious how you got to the 13.1. I wasn't implying anyting about the '05. However, I don't believe we've seen the best time out of a GT yet. Whether or not it will go as low as 13.1 is yet to be seen.
  19. Yep. Removing all that weight IS NOT STOCK! Is this the same car that they removed the freakin A/C?

  20. It probably doesn't really matter that much anyway, 'cause soon there will be lots of parts out there for them and many of them won't be stock, just fast.
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