15 or Less MPG? Something Wrong?

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  1. Well, unless that "MPG" average on your gauge is wrong, Something's up. Ive driven over 250 miles so far and the best reading Ive had was about 17, but it hangs out around 14-15 mpg. I thought City was supposed to be 18? Ive hardly gotten on it..still breaking it in. Is this normal or is that gauge estimate just not right?
  2. it also depends on how hard your driving, if you have a lead foot you could see as low as 10 mpg i bet lol. Also it will go up a bit once it has been broken in.
  3. I've never gotten it above 19mpg and I've got 1300 miles on it, even going extremely easy on it for a whole tank of gas (that's when I got 19mpg). If you reset the average mpg while you're on the interstate then it'll go up. I also did an average on how much gas it took to fill up and how many miles I'd driven and it was dead on with the gauge. It's hard for me to believe people are getting mid 20's cuz I usually average 16.5 and I don't drive it hard at all compared to most.
  4. I'm getting around 17-18 with the 3.73s and drive the car pretty hard. I am about to roll over 3k miles
  5. I maybe wrong but I think when they rate MPG they use REAL fuel not 10% Ethenol which will average around 2 mpg less than the rating
  6. Oh well, I didnt buy it for the MPG, but I was excited to know that the "LOW" end of the range was still close to 20. I was hoping for the minimum 18, but We'll see after a few hundred miles.
  7. Im averaging about 18 city.
  8. What people say they get and what they actually get are often two different things. I have had several GT Mustangs. My 2007 in town rarely got over 14 MPG. I am getting a bit less than that with my 2010. I only drive about three miles to work and three home, so that is a reason for perhaps a bit lower than one might hope. On the road, the 2007 on occasion would get 26 MPG but mostly about 24. The best I have seen so far with the 2010, with 3,000 miles on it, is about 24.
    I do use the 10 percent ethanol. I had not thought about that issue.
  9. MPG

    I thought it was me! On my F250 with a 5.4 I get 15 on the highway. WELL I tried to be good and drove three hundred miles thru NH last weekend and only got 17.5. Didn't buy it for the mileage.
  10. I'm getting 21 or better on my 11GT with 3.55's and 1500 miles on the car with about 30% highway. My girl gets 19 at best with 11GT Vert 3.31 aslo with 1500. I was hitting it hard this last tank full and still got 20. She drove her car last night and I know she's the reason for her milage she loves to run the RPMs up to 4k just crusing. When I'm not driving hard I'm in 6th and shift around 2k.
  11. What are the 3.55 like? I'm thinking about getting 3.55's.

  12. I get 15 as a daily driver, like others around 30% freeway, I drive reasonably like a grand father most of the time, getting on it very occasionally. On long freeway trips I'm looking at 20+. I guess this is about as good as it's going to get. 4000+ miles.
  13. I like them way better than the 3.31's in the her Vert but if I was to change her's it would be 3.73. My car is faster than hers to the piont she asked me about it after driving my car.
  14. Thanks for the reply!
    I'm going with the 3.55's.
  15. I drove my car home to maryland from florida. 1,100 miles. mine said 20.6 - 20.7 all the way. I also got 20.6 for the first couple days driving around at home. I shift easy @ 2-2.500 rpm's an occasional 3-4000. Then yesterday I was driving normal and i saw the display drop . it kept dropping every few seconds down to 10 something. Whats up with that? I reset it and it wont go over 15????
    My car does have a tune on it but i was getting 20 when i picked it up????
  16. I've got about 400 miles on my 2011. I averaged 25 (mostly back roads) on the first tank, with the computer saying 24. The computer is showing 25 on the second tank (with 10% ethanol). It's lower than I was expecting, as the 2005 GT I drove before (which is rated 3 MPG lower than the new one) was getting 27-29 under the same conditions. Hopefully it will loosen up more as it gets more miles on it.
  17. Well, if I average out the miles driven with the gallons when I fill the tank, the First full tank was about 14.6 mpg. This second tank was 17.2. In the owner's manual, it specifically states that the best fuel efficiency wont be realized until about 1000-1500 miles on the engine, which according to Steeda, is about the time when the engine will get to it's max. performance.

  18. I was going to say that I noticed my MPG's went up after around the 1K mile mark. I have 3.73's. If I really baby it, I can get 18-MPG city. The best I've managed on the highway is 24-mpg. My 2010 GT had 3.73's and on a trip to Austin I actually got 26-MPG!!!!! But the 2011 is ALOT more fun to drive! I'd say it equals out. The most I've gotten out of a tank of gas is 320-miles with a 50/50 mix of city & hwy driving. I imagine the MPG may get slightly better as the engine gets looser. Maybe 1mpg better by 20-30K miles-ish.
  19. Something to keep in mind is that the 3.73 and 3.55 rears will hurt your economy and EPA doesn't test the Stang with those rears just the stock ones. City economy shouldn't take too big of a hit as you can still force the revs low but when you're on the highway and running in 6th those upgraded rear ends will hurt the fuel economy as your turning higher revs than you would stock. And for the most part, higher revs equals worse fuel economy.
    Like everyone else has been saying though, you're not getting a 5.0 for fuel economy :)
  20. This was before gears. On a twenty minute hwy stretch yesterday gauge indicated about 21 mpg. Not bad.