1965-66 E2 Coupe

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  1. While I'm not thrilled with the Eleanor stuff, I do like the interior alot. I'm especially interested in the brushed aluminum door panels.

    Looks like a really well done coupe. :nice:
  2. 1965-66 E2

    Well, it's not really meant to be an Eleanor. The E2 is taking some of the likable asthetics and applying it to the 65-66 cars with a you customize it with your own ideas kinda thing...

  3. I really don't like it, Something just looks weird. Also its HELLA expensive.
  4. Heheh, okay. Well then I'll retract my statement and reword it to say "While I'm not thrilled with the not-really-meant-to-be-an-Eleanor-even-though-you-yourselves-call-it-the-Eleanor2 stuff" :p
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. 1965-66 E2

    Well, it is if you want it to be is my point. It isn't if you don't... We want people to customize them...

    Plus the word Eleanor was trademarked by Mr Shelby himself...
  7. I wonder what people think when they come here talking about eleanor stuff and find that the vast majority of us hate the thing...
  8. You mean Mr. $helby? :D

    Are the billet tail lights available?
  9. Now I hear what you're sayin.

    FWIW, I wan't people to customize them too. :nice:
  10. The front end has got to go.
  11. About two weeks!!!
  12. Well, the latest Mustang Monthly has addressed that asking that people email in a vote of: love it or hate it.


    They say in their editorials that the die hard Mustang faithful seem to despise it, yet every time they put Eleanor on the cover, they get record news stand sales. :shrug:
  13. where can I get the brushed aluminum door panels and glove box?

  14. Door Panels

    Both of the glove box inserts are currently available but it depends on what instrument cluster you have. (ie stainless or aluminum JME "aluminum" Haneline "stainless")

    The door panels are a prototypes expected to be in production in about 4-6 weeks (slated for brushed aluminum)

    These are just inserts that you set into a 65-66 pony door panel...
  15. I've been thinking about this in my head for months. Finally there is a picture to my madness.

    I've been thinking about this for a while and it looks like a pretty easy mod as long as you have a way to easily cut the aluminum sheeting. You could cut the center out of your pony door panels to use as a template. Rough cut the aluminum sheet using a hand-held jigsaw and smooth them out with a sanding disc. As far as electronics for the electric windows, I'd opt for searching the junkyards. Otherwise, cut holes for the door and window levers for mechanicals.

    Haven't thought much about mounting them but some adhesive could be used. You just have to make sure the mouldings will still mount to the original door panels and cover the edge of the aluminum inserts.
  16. I have only 2 issues with it. One is the backwards Cobra emblem on the drivers side but that has nothing to do wiht the kit, but the front lower grill, how it comes to a point in the middle. May look better matching the lines of the upper grill. :shrug:

    I wish you guys had 3in fog lights that filled the holes completely in my E lower nose section. http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=382298 I can't find them anywhere in a white / superwhite driving light. I'd even pay for PIAAS if they still existed.

    pm me if you guys come up with something. One of your guys looked for me, and thought Pilot had some but they are .5in to wide after all.

    Sorry to get :OT:

    :nice: :nice:
  17. door panels

    You will have a difficult time cutting these clean. I suggest getting a laser cutter involved if you push to do it on your own. Make a template from construction paper..

    We are making the insert large enough to drill and push the tabs through the insert to attach to the panel. We use a little 3m adhesive eliminate any rattle. Ours will be drilled for the mechanicals...
  18. 1965-66 E2

    The upper and lowers are identicle in that respect. It could just be the lighting..
  19. Hmmm.

    Maybe it's just the cross / support bar on the back side of the bars that runs vertically right in the middle of the lower grill that they are welded to made it look that way to me - :nice:


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