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  1. What is the best way to find the current value on authentic Shelby fiberglass?

    to make a long story short, I recently pick up a 67 fastback that was converted into a Shelby clone. The guy I bought it from says it had original Shelby fiberglass. He told me, a few owners back, back in the day these parts came off a real 67 Shelby that was involved in an accident. I had no way to varify since the parts were on the car, and was going to buy the car anyway. But when I got it home , I carefully removed all the parts, took many many pictures and sent them to a Shelby guru (i have not got his permission to post his name publicly yet) , and sure enough these are AUTHENTIC SHELBY PARTS!
    I have more detailed information regarding the authenticity of these parts:

    Original 67 Shelby GT500 Early style Hood
    Original 67 Shelby Nose
    Original 68 Shelby Trunk lid
    1 original 67 Shelby end cap
    1 original 68 Shelby end cap
    Original 67 Shelby nose support bracket
    Original 67 Shelby grill for outboard lights
    Aftermarket fender headlight brackets
    Aftermarket light brackets for outboard grill area
    4 original headlight buckets (60 Galaxie?)
    Aftermarket extended bumper brackets
    Original Lower grill (but for an inboard light car)
    4 Original 68 Shelby 15" hub caps (used)
    Original 68 Shelby wood shift knob with snake
    4 Kelsey Hayes 15x6 steel wheels . they have a small chrysler logo on the barrell, and date codes K29 9 6 60 so apparently not an original ford wheel but a Chrysler wheel. the logo can only be seen when the tire is off the wheel, on the barrell

    I have many many pics of these parts and would be happy to send pics, you can send me a private message with your email address

    more info to come stay tuned

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  2. i am interested un the 67 nose and hood, what are you asking, the whole front end hood, whats your price, where are they located?
    thanks J L
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