1973 Mustang.....

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  1. Some people believe anything they read. "The paper says it's a 73, the paper is always right!" :rolleyes: This is the same type of person who looks at an Inquirer and believes that the "BAT BOY" really exists! :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. He has to exist.. look.... george bushs lovers ex cousins child said so !
  3. That's actually annoying me. I might have to email the guy.
  4. 2 things, one that's the smallest 73 stang I've ever seen, hehe some people oh well,
    did you all notice the mold on the seats in the interior pics, that car is leaking somewhere, I'm glad to know so many non-mustang people know so much, kinda like when people tell me stories about the 55 or 62 Mustangs they used to have, hehe.
  5. I had a guy walk up to my car once and he asked what I had under the hood. I answered a 302. He asks with a totally serious look, "A big block 302, or a small block 302?"

    A little knowledge is dangerous.
  6. Now I'm confused,Do I have a '76 or a '73? :confused:

    did anyone contact this bonehead yet?
  7. I don't think I would want to spend much time writing a convincing letter, but I do think it would be funny to send him a link to this thread. :rlaugh:
  8. dayam, appears that Stang2Man set the guy straight with the buck tag. What a tard. Maybe my II is really a 73????? Does that mean I can actually get replacement body parts for it?????? Please, timmy, say it's so
  9. hahaha

    Other than the year being screwed up, he was selling it as a clone, and it turns out to be a factory cobra.
  10. unfortunately dude wouldnt' tel me what his reserve was, even though I told him where the buck tag was in the car, I still think 1500 is a bit much for what that car is/was considerin I buy II's for way less than $1000. Thats just me, but that's also the reason all mine need work. Oh well
  11. It's only a 6. I wouldnt pay that much for it.