SOLD 1981 Mustang Roller

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    Located in Austin Texas
    This is a 4cyl, 4 speed car with 175,000 miles.
    It was a running, driving, licensed and inspected car until I pulled the motor on 12/27/13.
    I am putting the motor into another car. I would like to fix this up as a racer but I don't have the space for another project.
    The body is straight with a low dollar re-spray in the original color. There is a small amount of rust where the battery sat but otherwise it is super solid and untouched. The interior is completely worn out though.
    The 4speed is still in the car all hooked up. The front disks need new pads but it stops well. It has 4 good tires as well if you want to stick with the 13" wheels and really slam it :)
    I do have the title for this car and it is waiting for your name.

    I am asking $700 but I am open to reasonable offers.

    Please call Patrick at (512) 850-7580 back.jpg bottom.jpg rearend.jpg underhood.jpg interior.jpg trunkfloor.jpg
  2. still for sale?
  3. Yes, I still have the car.
  4. I am dropping the price to $600 obo. Need to sell it before I decide to keep it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.