Progress Thread 1985 Gt I Finally Have A T Top Car.

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  1. So thanks to @FoxMustangLvr ( not sure if its tanks or damn you! ) I was FORCED to buy this 85 GT T top car. The car is clean, very stock and has been repainted.

    In case anyone wants to see more GT T-Top?sort=3&page=1

    5 lug upgrades are a must for any Fox I own.

    Junkyard score

    Slightly less junky

    Junkyard parts can be a gamble and well I kind of lost on the calipers, I had a fused rear caliper pin, torn boots which led to scored pistons. So looking into options from rebuilding the calipers, to replacing them I found what I think is a deal at rockauto . For slightly more than just buying reman'd calipers I got a full kit with calipers, pads and rotors.

    Shipping sucked at $57 bucks but after returning cores I should be under $375 for it.

    Prior to really inspecting the junkyard parts during cleaning and such I decided I would spend some money on the suspension, since I was gonna be in there ....

    So LMR is sending me
    Subframe connectors
    C/C plates
    Rear LCA's
    Bump steer kit.

    So now this project that had "no time frame or rush behind it" has gathered steam

    Order 2 from LMR
    E brake cables - all 3
    Prop valve
    Prop valve plug
    brake line fittings
    Banjo bolts
    MM adapter for master cylinder.

    I still do not have a 8.8 rear or master cylinder..... and who knows what else I am missing...

    I do have new soft lines coming from Amazon too.

    Thanks to @Mustang5L5 for all the brake info thus far, it had been a while since I have done the 5 lug swap and it seems all the old sites are gone :(

    So I want to get the suspension and 5 lug swap done sooner rather than later, power mods are put on hold for now.

    This thread will be a catch all for the 85 going forward, thanks to everyone for help/advice thus far!

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  2. It's already a sexy t-top and you're doing the correct tasteful mods to it IMO. I look forward to it being done in a month and cruising with you :nice:
  3. Actually, IIRC, 1985 Town Car MC is a direct bolt on application, and is a 1" bore application. I think you just need a 3/8-24 inverted flare to 7/16-24 inverted adapter on the front port.

    Of course, that's if you don't want the modern style plastic reseviour MC.

    1993 Cobra MCs are ~$100, while town car plus that adapter might be $25ish?
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  4. yeah, not a fan of the old metal MC, I will spend the money for the new one.
  5. I Don't blame you. I'd do the same
  6. 4eyed ttop FTW!
    Looks like it's going to be awesome
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  7. I am SO DAMN jelly Grover. I've been looking for a decent T Top for a year and cant find one. Yours is very nice indeed.
  8. Great to see a T Top, never seen one for real. Looks like a great find.
  9. What wheels are you going to run after the 5 lug swap?
  10. I'm going with a wild guess that maybe he'll rob the TF wheels from his 93' to put on his t-top until he gets the 93' up and running. This is purely a guess :D
  11. Guess I missed where the '93 isnt running!
  12. lol I dont think 10" rears or 9" fronts would fit too well on the 85.

    I want to get some simple 5 spoke wheels, I may put the 98 cobras on it, I would like some 99 Cobras for it these look to be a good deal.

    The 93 runs, it just needs E85 that is not available in the area ( 3 hr away ) I need to get that SOB retuned for pump gas... Finding a BS3 tuner has turned out to be more difficult than I expected. I have a few leads from some good SN folks :)
  13. I always thought those 96-97 Cobra wheels look best on black Fox bodies. Why I kept mine.
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  14. Just gonna leave this here :)
  15. 1 car with overpriced wheels is plenty. This one will get some version of FoMoCo 17x8 wheels, nice and simple.

  16. Parts are beginning to arrive. Man its been a while since I have been excited about parts!

    This is the Rock Auto brake kit and some Amazon hoses, For the Price I am impressed with the brake kit.


    So paint, black for the brackets and Alumn for the calipers?

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  17. They all look good as is bro, I wouldn't paint them if it were me.
  18. I'd paint AL and black....especially the rears. They will rust.

    Which springs did you go with? I thought I saw H&R's? Did you go with the Sport or Supersport? Curious to see how the stance is, as I want to replace the springs on my car and have been eyeing that particular brand for a while.

  19. The very next time you post pronz in a public forum, I will have to bant you. o_O

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