SOLD 1986 Mustang SVO. 25k miles, 2nd owner.

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  1. 1986 Mustang SVO. 25k miles, 2nd owner.

    Up for grabs.

    (pics 3rd post down)

    1986 Ford Mustang SVO. Car has 25k original miles on it, yes only 25k. I am the 2nd owner of the car.

    Interior is immaculate, I've never seen 27 year old leather in this good of condition. The dash is perfect, shifter, parking brake, seats, etc..

    Paint is in decent shape, but still original Ford single stage. I spent 5 hours on it this past summer buffing and sealing it, looks pretty good for it's age!!

    Only thing is, the left rear rock guard developed a hole in it, so I removed it.

    The engine is 100% stock down to the air box. Original radiator was leaking, I have saved it. But I replaced it with a 3 core and respaced the electric fan. A/C does need recharged and the heater core was seeping, so I have bypassed it for now.

    Original mufflers had holes in them. I replaced them with Magnaflows and reused the original tail pipes, sounds incredible for a 4 cylinder.

    I have replaced every fluid in the car. Rearend has royal purple, engine oil is royal purple racing 41, merc trans fluid, Ford Gold coolant. I cleaned the injectors, replaced coolant sensors, cleaned out the intercooler and piping. New fuel filter.

    I have bypassed the boost control solenoid and am using a hallman boost valve set at 14psi. The premium switch now just controls timing ( like stock ). Everything is still there to hook back up if you desire.

    Car has great power and doesn't skip a beat. It put down 204 RWHP and 265 RWTQ at 14PSI on a dynojet dyno.

    Car is in Des Moines, Ia. There are countless other things I've done to the car in terms of upkeep and making sure it's turn key ready. This is a low mileage DRIVER, it doesn't need any work to get in and go cruise some car shows. The car does have a really cool old alarm system that works with remote!

    Let me know if you want any other photos or contact me for more questions or information.

    Asking $8900 OBO.


  2. Looking at what the current market will support. I'm lowering my asking price to $7800

    This is a damn steal for a car this nice.
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  5. Price lowered to $7400
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