1990 GT, R block stroker, PTK, 88mm Turbonetics, Street Car Build

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  1. Well, I've been without a Mustang for almost a year now. Got into the world of classic Mopars (and still going strong), but first loves die hard...

    Picked up this 1990 GT as a roller. It's wild strawberry/titanium two tone, set up for manual trans, LX tails, mint grey interior, cowl hood, one piece headlights :nonono:, sumped tank with Holley pump and regulator, 31 spline axles with spool and 4:88 gears in the rear end :)shock:), BBK lowering springs/shocks/struts, adjustable rear lower control arms, Weld bigs and littles with drag radials out back, and is set up for carb.






    The motor so far:
    -R block 347 based stroker (4.050 bore, 4 bolt mains, balanced)
    -8.5:1 compression ratio (boost friendly)
    -custom Ross forged turbo/nitrous pistons
    -JE rods
    -Scat forged crank
    -high volume oil pump
    -Moroso 7 qt. oil pan tapped for power adder

    I'm going to have a custom hydraulic roller cam ground for the motor and run some large TF heads, probably 240s or 205s at the least. Intake manifold will most likely be an Edelbrock or Weiand low rise single plane with a CSU blow-thru carb. The turbo is a Turbonetics Y2K 88mm T6 flange with F-trim impeller, billet backing plate, and .96 A/R exhaust housing. The turbo kit hot side is from PTK. The car will be non-intercooled with a Snow Performance/AIS stage 2 kit running 50% methanol and 50% water.






  2. Black interior parts I've been collecting:







  3. Far better car, nice choice

    How much?
  4. make one nice car and trade it for a dodge
  5. Already did that
  6. a day late a dollar short
  7. Follow along guys. I traded one nice car for an even nicer Chevelle. Never traded for the PLYMOUTH, (not Dodge). The Barracuda I bought as a shell and got it to where it is now over the last year.
  8. Meh i liked the notch better then the chevelle. So much i tried to buy it, but that little punk said he wouldnt take a penny less then 10k. I told him he was ****ing high and passed on it.

    And we're just ****ing with you.
  9. Haha, that's because that little punk had his Chevelle for sale for $16,500 and traded me for my notch that I had listed for $8500 at the time. I guess at some point he realized he lost his shirt on the deal.

    And no ****! :D
  10. They must love you at the license branch....

    I like the new car a lot better though, friend of mine had the same color combo when we used to cruise around way back when.

    With that said, I'll check this thread on Monday and see what kind of a trade you get out of it
  11. Haha, I love stangnet.
  12. So, anyone wanna trade straight across, my 8.8 with 31 spline axles and 4:88 gears and spool for an 8.8 traction lock with 3:73 or 3:55, preferably freshly rebuilt? That's a pretty damn good deal for a quarter mile guy on here if I say so myself...
  13. Got the roller tucked safely away in my garage today. Piecing together an OEM black interior right now. So far I have a headliner, sun visors, complete dash, door panels, door handles, armrest pads, black coat hooks and shock covers... Maybe I'll start a progress thread.
  14. Ewww.

    Other than that, nice car!
  15. Oh, it's going back to EFI, trust me. I have my Barracuda when I want to tinker with a carburetor.
  16. God forbid someone should run a carb. You could get banned around here for that ****
  17. :D
    nah, im pretty familiar with requirements for being banned. Running carb, nope. Areo swap, close. LSX swap, bannishment inevitible.

    Besides, all foxes should be efi. No reason to run carb any more.
  18. ^^This.^^ I have nothing against carb cars, in fact I'd like to own one, but there is just no good reason to convert an EFI car to carb.
  19. Shhh, stop agreeing with me. You're hurting my rep dude :rlaugh:
  20. I don't want to mess up the OP's thread (in fact I shouldn't have opened my big mouth :) so I won't inflame this further.... another time, another thread :D