1993 Cobra - Red - Black Cloth - 17,000 Mile Car

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by ronronron, May 28, 2012.

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  1. What is this car worth - thinking of selling it, just sits in garage now, drove it twice last year.
    New to this forum - please be serious with replys and thanks for your imput - the car is located in pennsylvania - other than replacing the battery nothing else has been touched - has the original tires on it yet. Thanks again - Ron
  2. Ron,
    Does the car have a sunroof? Do you have original paperwork to go with the car? What number owner are you? Do you know the build number of the car (ex. 1of 4993) Depending on these and the condition of the car overall I'd say 16k to 20k
  4. No to sun roof - Have all original paperwork - Am the original owner - Have to dig out paperwork, I think the certificate has the build number on it
    Thanks for the reply - gonna give it a good clean up, has been sitting in the garage for a few years - probably post with some pics.
  5. Was the car equipped with tape deck or cd player, power driver seat or manual, rear defrost, 6 digit odometer? Post some pictures and contact info may know someone looking to buy.
  6. car had a tape deck - i installed factory Cd, buty have original tape deck - manual seat - I believe rear defrost was standard - will get some pictures when I get out of storage. - thanks Ron - [email protected]

  8. I have emailed you @ 5 times did you change your mind not to sell?
  9. Looks REALLY CLEAN! Blk interior looks sick
  10. Is ur car still for sale if so u can reach me @ 610-909-7873.
    Thanks John
  11. Nice car, just wondering.......what did you pay new for the car? Good luck with the sale.
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