Engine 1995 5.0 Installed New Heads Wont Run Right Blows White Smoke Runs Rich

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  1. I have a 1995 5.0 with a bunch of engine mods and my new heads are throwing me for a loop. My mods are cold air intake,bbk 75mm throttle body, bbk 75mm mass air flow sensor, trick flow upper and lower intake, bbk shorty headers, aftermarket xpipe no cats and cat back, ford racing e303 cam, msd box and coil. Now the heads I just installed are ford racing gt40x aluminum heads with the 58cc cumbustion chambers. I used all the gaskets ford racing recommended and the spark plugs they recommend and torqued everything to spec. When I started the car afterwards it fired right up and was blowing white smoke and it smells like straight gas. So I checked compression and all cylinders are within 5psi of each other. Then I pressure tested the cooling system and over ten minutes therewas no leakdown. So Im thinking my injectors are reaching there peak duty cycle they are the factory ones and also the car needs to be dyno tuned. Any insight would be very helpful. Also if anyone knows of a good dyno tuning shop in or around northeast pa that would be great. Thanks
  2. You said BBK 75mm TB and 75mm MAF, but didn't say if you changed the injectors. Are you sure the MAF is calibrated for the injectors?

    The make a 76mm MAF calibrated for the 19#, 24#, and 30# injectors, did you get the right one?
  3. I pulled the engine out last year to do the front and rear main seals and oil pan gasket and to put my cam in and new engine mounts and clutch. All the mods were on there except the heads and the car was fine all summer ran great. Now I put the heads on and it runs super rich I think there might be a vacuum leak at the pcv grommet so im putting a new one in tommorow. Then im going to check for a vacuum leak with carb cleaner around the intake and hopefully I can figure something out.
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  5. Maybe a stuck injector. Can you check the primary temps to see if you have one way off?

  6. I've got almost the exact same setup and ran into no issues with the mechanical bits. I'd second the thought of a stuck injector as well.

    Just curious though as I bought my heads used, what plugs did Ford recommend for the GT40X heads?
  7. Maybe get a fuel pressure gauge and see what your pressure is reading. If you fixed it we'd like to know what the problem was!
  8. I actually had a very similar situation one day after I'd done similar work to mine the first time. It started blowing white smoke out the exhaust and sounding like it'd lost oil pressure (it didn't, I had installed an actual gage by that point). Rockers were rattling and it was running really rough. I pulled the upper intake and valve covers and the cheapy Chinese knock-off ProForm (I think) rockers had all backed off their adjustment, the poly-locks weren't worth a damn. I ordered a set of TFS rockers and after getting them re-set, all those problems went away. No idea why it was blowing white smoke, there were no gasket issues, and it didn't do anything to the coolant level, maybe a result of it not breathing well because of the valves opening about half-way? I don't know, but hopefully you can get something useful from this rambling book I posted!

  9. bad head gasket. had a ranger that did the exact same thing, white smoke, smelled like it was burning rich. and thats what it turned out to be.