1997 Mustang GT

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  1. Laser Red and was pretty much top of the line Coupe in 1997. Looks too be stock in the engine and the Mach 460 subs are AWOL - lol

    It only has 96k on it and will not be a daily driver, although it runs good. Will be a weekend toy and project for me.

    My first project will be a few minor repairs, with the biggest one being the license plate illumination system. Appears too be bulbs only, but won't really know till I have a chance to sort it out.

    First restoration will be putting a sub woofer back into the 'stang

    First mod will be the trunk, very little I can mess up there so I think thats a good place to start.

    Well other than that hello everybody
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  2. Welcome and congrats on the Stang! Definitely can't go wrong with adding more subs lol
  3. for anyone who cares it was bulbs only. $2 fix and I can drive at night now
  4. Howdy!! I'm new here! I own a 97 GT (Autumn Orange) Only 1,519 in that color (Color Code: BG)
  5. howdy
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  6. :) Thanks, Folks! Anyone have any suggestions for first phase mods? My goal is to turn my Stang into a wolfe in sheeps clothing! Better yet, turn into a fire breathing stallion disguised as a merry-go-round ride, without the pretty colors mind you!