Roush 1998 black cobra roush

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by moringstar, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. just curious if any one was curious on a fair price for a 98 roush- new top- 18inch03 wheels- lowered 2 inch- side exit exhaust with ground effects on side and rear- roll bar- strut tower brace- 5.1L stroker from CHP- 3,000 in head work, opened up and oversized valves, powder coated valve covers and intake(black)- 03 cobra seats- billet knobs inside- 42lb injectors- zoom stage 2 clutch- aluminum fly wheel and shaft- 4.10 rear.
    23000 miles on car- about 6000miles on motor- mmr oversized oil pan-
    roush package- super charger vortech, side exit exhaust, side skirts, rear bumper skirt, suspension. have all paper work

    dyno sheets 440rwhp 383 rwtrq @ 5-6 lbs of boost
    might be for sale soon just wondered value,
    I'd start @ $10K .... low miles and if the condition passes the eye test certainly worth the price. Really depends on the market and there are a lot of nice low mileage vehicles out there and a lot newer.
    Would be the right car for the right buyer.