2 05 Silver GT's spotted in South Florida!!

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  1. i think the roundness of the lights bumper and trim etc. make it look even bigger. Every pic i have seen makes it look huge and blobbish with out form. Too bad orlando is dead last for the international auto show. I will be able to see at a dealership before the auto show. I love the rest of the car but the rear end really turned me off to this variant of the mustang.
  2. Guess you should look at getting the 04 S.E.'s or a GT then...I honestly can't wait for the 05 to hit here...
  3. S.E.? Sorry I am not familiar with that abbreviation however I do currently own an 03 mach 1. I have followed the 05 ever since the word got out. I would have kept the gt but when i saw the rear of the production i was turned off and bought the mach. Either way I wish the would have kept the shelby lights and the bumper cover the coutouts allow the mufflers to show because of the fuel cell change. I am hoping the shelby lights will make an appearance on a gt 350 variant. I figure I will pay off the mach and be in the model for an svt replacement in 08.
  4. You can't judge this car on those pictures. It looks completely different in person. The photos don't show the proportions right.
  5. What color are the rims in the pictures?? Brake dust??
  6. I know where that guys should put that finger. The cars look good though. I'm going to NYC auto show next month. Hopefully they will have some good examples of the 05. I'll try to snap some pics for you all.
  7. H'e probably giving the finger because when you are driving mules, every other jackass on the road is hanging out their window snapping pics with their digital camera. Then when the pics end up on the internet, the guy's coworkers never let him hear the end of it. It gets old.
  8. I prefer the gas cap on the passenger side. That way you don't open your door into the planters, metal poles, high curb, and all the other crap gas stations have next to the pumps.
  9. the rims are black on most of the mules they have been black painted bullitt wheels. If you look at all the pics of the rear badge they all look huge.
  10. S.E.'s are what you have...Special Edition's. A MACH or BULLIT for example.
  11. agreed

    i have a knack for lining up the edge of the door perfectly with the pole next to the pump. then the best part is trying to squeeze back into the car without hitting anything. pain in the ass this driver side gas cap :nonono: :notnice:

    door---> :bang: <---pole
  12. But you are out in the rain, and don't have the vision to clear the posts and other stuff on the pump islands. Besides, we drive on the right. Therefore the natural place for the pump is on your left. It's awkward to be driving on the left of the other guys. I never did get used to it in the years I drove my wife's Thunderbird.

    But either way, it should be the same for all cars, not the nose-to-nose cars at the pumps we have nowadays, and the confusion as cars drive everywhichway all over the station yard.