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  1. I talked about this before I know, but I am really eying this engine. Ford Racing offers a 2003 Ranger 2.3L Duratec crate engine assembly. It's still 140 cu. in but with a DOHC. 135 HP 5050 RPM and 153 ft./lbs of torque @3750 RPM. It has 9.7:1 compression ratio, and the calibration code is 3G-291-AA what ever that means. MSRP $2,295.00. Would I have to put in all Ranger electronics to use this in my Mustang? Are these as tough as the factory Mustang 2.3L? Has anyone ever tried turbocharging on of these? Would forged pistons from Racer Walsh work in the Ranger motor? Racer Walsh has headers for the Mustang and the Ranger. Since this is a Ranger motor, would a Ranger header fit in the engine bay or would I use a Mustang header? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm losing sleep over them.
  2. To answer your questions in order...

    1. Most likely
    2. Beats me
    3. Beats me
    4. No
    5. No, and no.

    The headers racer walsh sells are for rangers with the SOHC 2.3L. The DOHC 2.3 is a totally new design and I don't know if anyone has headers for it yet.
  3. Yes, you would have to use Ranger (or other vehicle that uses the duratec) electronics.

    They aren't as tough...internals give up at a little over 300hp.

    Mazda is currenty turbocharging them in the Mazda3 and soon to be Mazda6.

    Racer Walsh doesn't sell parts for the duratec...all the parts they show are for the old 2.3 Lima like you have now.

    Oh, and I think it would be much cheaper to find one in a wrecked Focus, Ranger, or Mazda product if you are serious.

    You also need to consider that a old school 2.3 tranny won't bolt up to it...there are adapters available to do so though.
  4. i would try to dig up the bench flow numbers and cam specs for the 4v head, price a set of motor mounts to drop the DOHC into your fox, and price whatever tranny kit and electronics you need, as well as forged pistons if you plan on a turbo.
  5. For all the work involved with this swap, is a ~13 year old Fox chassis worth it? If you put $5,000 into this swap, you'll have a $4,000 Fox. Nah, just buy a Ranger if RWD is your cup of tea or a used ZX3.
  6. Money is not a problem

    I plan on not getting rid of this car. I have too much sentimental value attached to it. If I were thinking about money and if doing things for the car were worth it etc. I would have gotten rid of the car a long time ago. I got it for $2,500 its paid for, no payments, no matter what I do, it's going to be cheaper than buying a brand new Mustang. I'd like a turbo car but was just concearned due to the fact that my engine has over 200,000 miles on it. I figured once I turbocharged it, it would die on me of high milage and I would have wasted the time and money on that motor. That's why I was looking at the Duratec. If they had crate motor Limas, I would go that way. I don't wan a used motor from a junk yard. I'm through with scratching my head and wondering what kind of oil was used, did it really have a rebuild and how much abuse did the motor take. Never buy a car that was owned by a high school/college girl. :puke:
  7. for less then you can buy a duratec you coul dhave rebuilt a 2.3t motor and it will still be reliable if its tuned right.... the money your planning on throwing at it, is what i've thrown at my svo and it still drives very reliable and starts every time. so i'll let your concious decide
  8. Sounds good...

    I think the car may have had a rebuild, so the previous owner says, but I never got proof of it. How many times can these motors be rebuilt? Does a rebuild always include the cylenders geting board out? Interesting that the Duratec isn't as tough as the older SOHC. Must be the aluminum block. :)
  9. Rebuild doesn't automatically mean it's been bored.

    It's not the aluminum block that's weaker...it's the rods and then the crank. When engines are made to rev higher, their parts get lighter which also means they get weaker. Same reason stock honda motors can't handle more than 200hp or so.