2.3n/a tweekers need help!!

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by latroca1, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Hey i'm in the process of porting and polishing another head.
    It's non turbo but want to see what i can do with it and want some ideas.
    Plus got a question about the valve guide bumps. How far should i go down with them? I been looking at some pics but hard to tell how much people have taken out!!!
    I have a roller cam and a ranger header and the 5.o throttle body and have also gutted the upper and tapered off the lower and ported the lower runners with the intake on the head.
    Is there anything else that i should get to complete this install it will probably take me another week or so to get this done i hope seeing how my tensioner broke for my timing belt and now believe that i bent some valves can't get her to turn over more then once.
    luckily it did this sitting in my drive way..

    Also wanted to know if the turbo computer will work on a n/a engine? and what year should i get it from??

    One last question is there any benifits to switching to mass air???

    Thanks apprecciate any help you can give me...
  2. If i were you i would be careful when porting those bumps near the valve stem whole. Smooth them out and polish them, dont try to run the even with the other side of the stem support , or your asking for trouble...aka via a water jaket. looking back i think just unshrouding the valves, smoth the bump even, and polishing would have been the way to go. Dont hafta worry about screwing up airflow or anything...tough to say without a flow bench.

    Ps: i was under the impression you could bend a vavle ona 2.3, its a non-intrusive head...or something like that? :shrug:

    -keep it real
  3. I was under the same imppression myself.
    But shes acting like something is binding i can turn the crank by hand fine and the cam also ive tried over and over to play with the timing and when i turn her over it's like she aint got enough juice or something. Don't know what a bent rod sounds like sorry about the vague description.!!!!!
  4. It's non-interference, you didn't bend a valve doing that.

  5. the lack of power is probly/could be comming from a blown headgasket, when that happens you get lots of good taping sounds, plus the crank will turn...the cam will turn , all free. But when/if you get it started it runs really really ruff and makes a ton of noise. May want to check that...sounds like you have some fun on your hands ;o)