2001 Mustang Gt Bullitt And A 1970 Coupe

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  1. hello all my name is Nasario but everybody calls me NAS.
    i have a 2001 GT Mustang Bullitt in True Blue and a 1970 mustang coupe in matte black paint.

    the Bullitt is currently down, but it going to GTR this coming weekend for a motor upgrade.
    I picked up a forged terminator shortblock, along with a new top end kit from trickflow, that will be transplanted into my bullitt. along with a new full JBA exhaust kit (mid, hpipe and catback) along with a macleoud dual disk clutch and billet steel flywheel. im hoping to get it tuned to close to 330hp n/a. this will be my base before applying some sort of F/I this summer.

    my 1970 coupe is running a 306 with forged internals and full msd igntion, holley 4v double pumper.

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  2. Welcome aboard!!