2003 Cobra Abs Module In 2001 Gt With Cobra Brakes?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MMIGT, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. I've been browsing this and other forums for years and just registered because I've seen the question in the subject heading asked several times (specifically for 99, 00 and 02 GT's) but never answered: Will a 2003 Cobra ABS module work in an 2001 GT with Cobra brakes - front and rear?

    Except for the intake and TB, the 2001 Bullitt has the same drivetrain (SOHC, TR3650) and wheel sensors as the GT. But the Bullitt also uses the same ABS module as the Cobra, presumably because of the larger brakes. I bought a used 03 ABS module that was throwing B1484, C1236 and C1235 codes. The original GT/TC module was previously repaired and throws no codes (my sensors are fine). I sent the Cobra module to be repaired and it's still throwing the same codes. The repairer 'thinks' it may simply be the wrong module for the car. If it was, wouldn't it throw C1805 instead?

    There's a reason why Ford put the Cobra ABS module in Mustangs with the larger brakes. Why, I don't know. And my GT/TC module 'seems' to work fine with the larger brakes. But hydroplaning or slipping on black ice in slow motion under a semi with my 'precious cargo' on board is not the time in which I'd like to wonder why I didn't work harder to resolve the question.

    Any input or insight would be greatly appreciated...
  2. The '03 Cobra module will not work in a car that was equipped with a GT module and system. The pumps are different, one is a 4 channel output and the GT is a 3.

    Unless you swap everything from the Cobra (including pump) the mismatched code will always be there. It is safe to use the GT/TC module with a Cobra upgrade on any GT's.

  3. I thought Ford switched to 4-channel ABS in 1999?

    Either way, i agree. Use the GT module.
  4. I'm pretty sure you're right, I thought that the 3 and 4 channel distinguished between Cobra and GT systems.
  5. I think you are right up to a certain year. Not sure which. I do know all 94-95's are 3-channel, my friend's 1997 Cobra was 4-channel and my 2003 GT was 4-channel.

    But either way, i'd stick with the GT module to make things simple. I autoXed my '03 GT with Cobra brakes on all 4 wheels and the ABS worked very well