2004 SRT-4

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  1. You mean you run 105 octane everywhere you go or did you jump the boost at the track only?

    So all in all you are practially running full 3" exhaust, aftermarket ECU, alot of boost with 105 octane on stock turbo, and a front mount intercooler (I guess your stock one was getting heat soaked :shrug: ) and you managed to beat a 440+rwhp Cobra. Is that right?

  2. If your SRT-4 can beat a Cobra, I can beat a Z06....end of discussion. As far as my quarter mile time, I don't go to the track. I like to keep my car in good condition, not tear it up to build my ego..enjoy your DODGE NEON. :D
  3. C'mon man. the SRT4 is not a joke. You shouldn't be comparing it to 03's or ls1's.
    for a car that costs 32k CDN, you get some pretty good bang for the buck. It was geared to compete against cars like the SVT focus and RSX type S.

    SiR, can you post a good timeslip of one of your runs? So some of us can see if your mods match up with your 1/4, 1/8, trap, and 60ft. I am not calling BS.

    Your claims are not so hard to believe because of how hard cobras are to launch because of the stock IRS and its tendancy to wheel hop. Those cars are hard to launch properly and take practice.

    Guys, please read those mods carefully. If what he says is true, he is easily making 300WHP in a car that weighs, what 2800lbs? there is almost a 1000lbs difference between the two vehicles. he should be able to keep up.

    Mean03v6, i think you're confusing the dodge 2.4L with the 2.0L DSM motor. the srt4 motor is pure dodge. and there is no possible way a stock v6 stang can keep up with a stock srt4. they weigh less and have alot more power. they even give stock 99+ GT mustangs a handful. please do not get upset, if you honestly have defeated an srt4, there must have been something seriously wrong with the car or the driver.
  4. Thanks, I do not have a scanner but this is the breakdown:
    2.35 60' (300ftlbs of tourqe and street tires suck :) )
    8.8 @ 85mph 1/8
    13.4 @ 110mph 1/4
    I'll post 330, 1000, etc tomorrow.
    I can run 20 psi dropping to 15 psi at redline on 93 octane. I was trying a little race gas the night I ran the cobra. I ran [email protected] w/ 93 pump and a full interior. I have a VERY good friend w/ a 2001 SS camaro, down low (20+mph) he can't pull me, I actually pull him a little, we run dead even up to about 125, I shift to 5th, hes got a 6 speed and then he pulls, at 155 I am 2 car lengths behind him...he run [email protected] w/ a 2.1 60'. He has slp lid, slp exhaust, Z06 intake manifold, all the factory SS options. His car is FAST on the highway! I have no reason to lie, I do understand this sounds crazy, but I do not lie about racing, or anything fo rthat matter.
    Basically, I've been told by SRT builders that my car runs freakishly strong, I have done all thework on it an dhave been very lucky w/ tuning to date.
  5. I'd pay to see you chew up a Z06! All you have to do is bring a stock 03 cobra, I can back up what I say.
  6. I also did say that the cobra had a pulley, exhaust , 75 shot and 300+lbs of ***** in the car. I personally feel that straight up, w/out the weight, and his mods he would have pulled me, but not as fast as some would think. On the bottle he SMOKED me! But side by side we pulled even, and he was a supernice guy...he did think my car was a wrx though, I think he laughed when I said it was a neon, but thankfully he kept talking about how fast it was, made me feel real good about it.
  7. You could've said stock 2001 SS camaro :)
    they all come with the SLP lid, suspension, and true dual exhaust.
    and all ls1's after 01 have the ls6 intake. they had to give them the better upper intake after 01 to make up for the smaller cam they put in because of the removal of the EGR system :)
    your friend is a pretty good driver pullin a 13.1 with a stock ss hehe. your claims do not sound outrageous if people just look a bit more carefully.
    your 60ft is ass though haha, u getting some serious wheel hoppage on those streets? have you looked into motor mounts and control arms? i know nothing about srt4 suspension, but I would assume control arms and mounts help remedy the hop, just like on any other FWD car.
  8. For once in my life, I'm gonna bite my tongue and post friendly. So here it is: 1. Like I mentioned before, the guy in the SRT-4 couldn't drive a stick to save his life. 2. I admit that, despite being 99% sure and reading it in a professional automotive publication the title of which I can not remember which I guess is convenient, I could be wrong about the Neon motor. I'm a Ford man, not a Dodge man. Which brings me to 3. Why is there a conversation on a mustang website going on about an SRT-4? Thank you very much and you guys have a nice day. :nonono:
  9. Due to the request of another MUSTANG OWNER, I'm not going to comment on this...although it is SOOOO tempting. :nonono:
  10. i drove one and they's fast, you can turn up the boost (to get more power) and the exhasut system doesn't even have mufflers in it cus the turbo and cats quiet it down so much they's not nessasry, just some useless info
  11. Its about time the Big Three started making turbo 4s again and giving forign cars market heck :nice: Since I own a turbo 4 I can completely understand how one would fall in love with a car like the SRT-4s ;)
  12. Dude do not have a life :shrug: The only thing I could see you even here is to say hey I built a faster car for almost 10k cheaper :nice: But to come here talking crap is uncalled for :nonono:

    My imfo is based on my own turbo 4 but it should give you an idea on his mods even if its a SRT4.

    If his IC is like that of a SVO then yes it would get hea soaked bad and keep him from running any more boost than stock. A SVO's is stock at 15 psi and you may can get 20 psi off the stock T-3/IC set up. Now if we switch to a FMIC we can cut a stock T-3 up a few more psi to like 20-24 psi. That is a basic idea on why to switch to a FMIC, without detonation the Skys the limit :D

    Everyone knows a turbo car gets more out of a bigger exhaust. Now on my car my turbo would start spooling on the stock exhaust 2 1/4 ( I think) at around 3k. Now when you throw on a full 3" exhaust it starts up faster at around 2500 rpms.

    Now I'm not sure on swaping EEC etc on the SRT4. They maybe limited to boost are something with using the stock EEC set up but I don't know. SVOs are different in that part since they are all using 20 yr EEC. Some of them are to die for while other would make a good bass boat anchor like mine :( With swaping in a better EEC for me...means I can run bigger injectors and better timming.