2005-2008 C&L CAl & Diablosport Tuner

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  1. Up for sale is a C&L Street Cold Air Intake and Diablosport Tuner that's works for all 2005- 2008 Ford Mustang GTs.

    The tuner has (3) C&L program Tunes and (3) Custom Tunes. So immediately you have some great tunes to work with!

    C&L "Street" CAI with less then 3000 Miles. All couplings and Fittings in Excellent condition. has No Tune Cap so you will need a tune with this CAI.

    The Diablo Tuner, Matches the C&L Intake. Last tune Loaded was Stock Tune so there should be no issues with setting this up for your car. Excellent condition. Does not have USB Cable. Asking for complete set 380.00



    And Also I still have my Steeda CAI kit still available from my old thread if anyone is still interested. 180.00

  2. Just so you know, unless the person buying your tuner has the exact same setup and computer code, those tunes won't work for them at all. We just had a thread going in the S197 forum about a guy locking up his car trying to make tunes from another car work. Also, will that Steeda intake fit a '10?
  3. This Tuner is the CL7140 Model Predator Tuner By C&L. it comes pre-loaded with the appropriate tunes for ALL the computers used in the 2005 to 2008 Mustangs, including the V6 models.

    The tuner will automatically recognize which computer is in the vehicle, It doesn't matter which computer your vehicle came with from the factory.

    I got my custom tunes straight from a programmer at Diablosport

    My 05 GT is mostly stock beside UDPs, 4.10s. and Axles Backs and the C&L Street CAI matched with it, so any stock to lighty modded stang will be perfectly compatible with this setup.

    When I asked if it can be reset to another car they told me as long as the last tune you loaded was a stock restore their should be no issues.

    Also The Steeda CAI will only fit 2005 - 2009 Mustang GT so a 2010 can't due to their slighty different CAI redesign.
  4. C&L Cold Air Intake / Diablo Tuner and Steeda Intake still available.
  5. Hi is the C&L & Dablo still for Sale !

    I live in Alpharetta , interested in your parts for my Saleen S281 non supercharged.

    Did you notice better performance from the C&L vs the Steda CAI?

    If possible can you contact me ASAP becuase I put an offer on another setup.


    John Fulcher
    714 349-4399 cell
    [email protected]
  6. Dude , do you want to sell your stang parts , give me a call. If not take them off the site.

    714 349-4399 cell
    [email protected]
  7. Hey, Sorry guys, I got side tracked with other things and haven't been able to get on Stangnet.

    But unfortunately The C&L Intake / Diablo Tuner has already been sold, sorry If I didn't point that out.

    But I still have the Steeda 90mm Cold Air Intake available if anyone is still interested on that. 180.00

    The C&L vs the Steeda, It would be very subtle to tell, but I would say my GT ran better with the Steeda, for one the Steeda is a lil bigger (90mm vs 83mm) and was match with a Dyno Tune, rather then the custom Tune sent via email on the C&L.

    But either one work awesome, one would be hard pressed to see the difference in performance.
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