2005 stock dyno numbers 279rwhp 300TQ

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  1. someone needs to yank the engine and dyno it
  2. it's pig rich. with 13-1 it will gain 10-20 hp
  3. Impressive numbers !!!
  4. Not bad, a great improvement over the last 4.6L Stang. :)
  5. Did you see what the owner of modular mustangs said.

    "This 3 valve just put down more stock then any Mach1 I've dyno'd stock."
  6. Here is the graph

    Blue-GT 05
    Red-Mach 04

  7. Given the dyno data, what's the optimal shift point with the 5 speed manual to maximize acceleration?
  8. Easily should be a mid 13 second car. Mach's are running high 12's with slicks alone and this car is dyoning HIGHER throughout the powerband. Very impressive.

  9. LOL! :uzi: MACH 1 :drool:
  10. Notice the HP really flattens out at 5,200 RPM.

    Seems to agree with the comments by the 2 people who have dragged their MTX GTs that it seems to flatten out at 5,500 RPM.

    Now we need to figure out what the high RPM HP bottle neck is.
  11. Supposedly these heads should be able to handle apeak power of 6000+...just gotta do a little work to get there i guess.

  12. Then why does the richer A/F run (blue curver) show more HP & TQ?
  13. Its rich because it has an a/f of 10.8:1 at near peak power. remember the lower the ratio number the less air there is to fuel. 13:1 a/f ratio means its running pretty dangerously lean. Most dyno shops including Tim say 11.5-12.0 is optimal. Needless to say there is probably another 10+hp in tuning the a/f alone.

  14. I wonder if the beginning of the blue a/f curve (being that its so high) is a result of the Throttle by wire on the new mustangs...this is one thing i've very dissapointed in. I wonder if there will be a fix for it...because who wants delayed power when they push the pedal down?


  15. But look how quickly the A/F ratio drops on the red curve.

    Makes me wonder if the blue curve is after some tuning.

    And thanks for blurting out the answer to my question for mattg.
  16. Nice numbers. Flat torque curve and better average hp than most stock four valve 4.6 Lengines I've seen. The graph for the GT goes above 6K RPM. What's the rev limit on the new GT 4.6L?
  17. I've never seen a 5speed Mach only put down 269 at the RWhP unless it's an auto and they are usually around 255 to low 260's. The early 03's had poor tunes but that graph would be less than 5 % of any Mach you'd ever see, 275-289 is the range these cars run and don't drop power as fast as the GT from what I've seen.

    Guess we'll have to see at the track, the Fbodies are dyno queens also but we seem to do well running them stock for stock. I want to see an average not what a certain car is putting out. Some Mach's are in the 290's but that isn't typical. A member of the registry worked on both engines for Ford and claims the 4v is much stronger than the 3v motor on their dyno testing. Of course these first cars may have bad tunes, who knows.

    It will be interesting, Tim is in businesss of making money so the latest and greatest is what will make him the most not the cars like the 03/04 Mach's or Cobra's. He does great tunes but seems to be more in the the Mod area than what a stock car tuned will make. If you want an SC he's at the top of the list but I bet he doesn't see too many stock cars in his business.