2006 Ford Capri?

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  1. I was looking at that site, FordEurope.net, and saw they have pictures of a 2006 Ford Capri. It's actually not too bad looking. Does anyone know anything about this car, such as if it will be coming to the US? It's probably nothing worth trading a Mustang in on but still looks interesting.

    <img src="http://www.fordeurope.net/downloads/pictures/2006capri/2006capri-05.jpg">
  2. Not bad....looks like a Focus mated with an Aston Martin. What kind of power plant does it have?
  3. Looks like the late Mercury Cougar. Kinda like the Mercedes CLK too.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. This is the concept car that Ford of Europe displayed in the fall -- it is kind of a modern Capri w/350 hp, 2.9 liter, I6 engine and AWD. :D



  6. Its not fair damn it. Why dont we get these?!
  7. I can read the healdines now:

    Z3 meets a Crossfire...Sweet car with a hoss power plant produced.
  8. is it coming to the US?
  9. Reminds me of a Cougar, mixed with a Focus, with a tad bit of Aston Martin thrown in. Personally I like it. If it had a nice tasteful rear spoiler, maybe a little more work done to the front, and one side scoop instead of two (or none at all) I think it'd look even better. It'd be nice if they brought it to America, but I seriously doubt they will.

    Any shots of the rear?
  10. yeah there is one, look up a tad
  11. I was talking about the first car. :rolleyes:

    Not the concept.
  12. Not doing anything for me, I'll stick with the stang... ;)
  13. looks like a cougar and focus combined.
    also looks like the ricers would be all over it.
  14. how many cars has ford made with over 100hp per liter? 350 from a 2.9 is awesome.
  15. what about that mercury messenger concept... suposedly has a nice v8??

    needs some diff rims i think though.

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  16. The Capri looks a little like the Cougar. It looks a little nicer than the Cougar, but it's still too rounded. They should make it look more like the Mustang design. Then it will look good.
  17. It Looks Like a Cougar That's Had A Mondeo's Headlights Photoshopped Onto it! This Was on an Official Ford Website?
  18. Maybe you should wait for a use h2. Instead of trying to buy a mustang. Since you don't like anything that's round.
  19. Ford is impressing me lately.

    I hope they put it on the market with a nice potent engine.

    If it hits US shores it will probably have a 3.X V6 Duratec motor.

    I LOVE the car, all 3 of the pics are awsome.

  20. yeah Ford has had some very impressive cars, yet most of them are concepts! I hope they put some of them on the production line...