2010 GT Exhaust HELP

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  1. Pypes exhaust systems are cheaper and made out of 409 stainless - what to do now? I have been looking at the mid-pipe back system with the M80 mid-mount mufflers. I wonder if this setup would be legit with the ford racing X-pipe?:shrug:
  2. There is no reason it should not be. However, remember, the Ford Racing Xpipe (the $139 one) is kind of a "universal fit" type of xpipe. You will have to cut your original exhaust system and possibly weld it back in.....clamp it back in at the very least.

    The directions on the FRPP xpipe states that cutting of the original exhaust system is necessay (that is why it is so cheap). I was going to go this route, until I found this out. I am spending the extra coin and buying a magnaflow truX with maggy converters.:nice:
  3. Thanks for the info...I just ordered the axle back boom tube race pipes today, so we'll see how they perform and then find an X-pipe next.
  4. Too bad you are not in California I need to put an exhaust on a 2010 GT for a video
  5. True. I have worked on the west coast before and had a blast.
  6. How about I fly you to Atlanta and you put it on my 2010 GT? I have access to a lift :)
  7. I think the boomtubes would sound pretty awesome with the xpipe. Ive only heard it on Nino's and im pretty sure it has a stock H and it sounds good, but it could be a bit louder and have a slight rapsiness to it and be badarrsss
  8. Maybe if you guys from Ninosport would hurry up and ship my Boom tubes, we can find out how it's gonna sound!!! You said it would take a couple of days, and I thought you meant I would have them in a couple of days - not that it would take a few days just for you to send them out!!!
  9. They shipped the day after you placed the order, the shipper had already been by the day you made the order. If you have any questions about it give me a call, 866-646-6776 ext 302.

    Sorry about the delay.
  10. I ordered them before noon eastern standard time on Wednesday of this week. They did not ship out Wednesday, They shipped out Thursday night at 9:50 p.m. according to UPS tracking that I received from you guys this morning(from California). This would not be a big deal, but the sales rep at Ninosport said I would have the order in a couple of days. UPS says they will arrive at my house next Wednesday - 1 week after I ordered them. If you did not have them ready to ship, then all you had to say was it might take a week to ship them. I guess it's no big deal....unless there are any more delays.
  11. Its the new guys fault! Which is me... I did say that it might come in this weekend, but its not a guarantee. It should have been shipped out the same day so I am guessing the truck came early and it didnt make it out.
    Again, I'm very sorry about the delay. If you have any questions or concerns you can call me directly at the # I gave you earlier.

    PM sent.
  12. As long as the parts fit correctly and sound great, then I will be happy no matter what!
  13. I still need a 2010 in California
  14. I heard Nino's car before doesn't he have a Prochamber with the Boomtubes? Now that was a mean sounding car!
  15. I know it's not my beef but that kind of feedback can hurt a business these days and seemed a bit harsh for placing an order. JMHO A week is pretty much industry standard on shipping unless the shop is really close. Now if you paid a couple hundred to have them shipped next day or 2 day air then that's another story ;-)

    Anyways, post some sounds files once you get them installed. I'm looking for a nice set-up on my 2010 as well.
  16. I am hoping the order shows up tomorrow like it's supposed to. If it does, I will try to post the before and after sound/video clips sometime this week. We have a monthly car show/cruise this weekend, so I hope I can get rolling tomorrow night. I have heard the boom tubes before, so I think it's gonna be right!
  17. BOOM TUBES RACING AXLE BACKS SOUND INCREDIBLE ON MY 2010!!! I just finished riding around and the car sounds right. I had to wrestle the hangers a little bit to line them up, but it was no big deal. Probably 2 hours (and 4 Bud Lights) was all it took. Tech support guy from Ninosport was totally on the money!!! Thanks man - now I gotta get an X-pipe next. I took some before/after video clips, as soon as I have time I will post them.
  18. Yeah he does. That thing is sick, his car was the first time i had ever heard boomtubes in real life and i think they sound amazing i recommend them all the time.:nice:
  19. Glad to hear that you like them, you might even want to consider looking into an H-pipe, they sound amazing with the boomtubes. Unless you are going for the better power increase of the X-pipe (like i did). BTW get those video clips up, cant wait to hear them. :D
  20. I can't wait to hear the clips either. Just ordered my new 2010. This will be the first mod. We'll fix that "too quite" problem straight away.