2010 Mustang Spotted Shopping

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    With all the teasers from Ford and all the spy shots we've brought to you in the past, we'reexcited to show you what appears to be a 2010 Ford Mustang prototype parked at a shoppingmall. Posed for the lens sans camo, this next-gen S197 Mustang brings all the hints of edginess and ebb to fruition in broad daylight. The updated front and rear are completely visible now on this prototype, so it shores up some of the questions everyone has been tossing around about what is happening to which piece. Take a good look at the shots we have in store for you--the LA Auto Show isn't too far, so we can see just how close the prototype comes to production![​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img> [​IMG]</img>

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  3. I don't like the rear bumper.
  4. either they wanted that car photographed or someone really dropped the ball leaving it there lol. the camo does a better job hiding lines than you'd think, check out the hood pic from front driverside, hood looks good cant wait to see it in a color. parts of the rear bumper look like its still disguised, its possible thats not a finalized piece.
  5. I for one am disappointed. I think Ford is overhyping the 2010 Mustang. There is not a whole lot of changes to it externally. A few body lines have been tweaked, but it's still has the same basic 05-09 look to it.

    All I can say is there better be a 5.0 under the hood
  6. There will be one underhood.....


    2011 is supposed to be the year of the 5.0 and 6 speed in the GT.

  7. Thats what I keep thinking. They have to be doing something more than just changing a few body panels and interior parts to be hyping the car up this much.