2011 Mustang Leaked !!!

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  1. Again how is not wanting a v6 in a muscle car closed minded? No one is debating that a v6 can make power. Anything can make power. Hell there are motorcycle engines putting down over 500rwhp. Does that mean we should put one in a muscle car???????
  2. I did not read through this thread so I might not have all the fact's. Why does it matter if it has a powerfull V6 as long as it has a better V8? It does'nt.
  3. I'm not following what you are talking about and pretty sure you are not understanding what I wrote.

    I said High HP, Horsepower! You posted track times?

    The track times you posted do not suggest that is a High HP car. Now high HP may mean something totally different to someone else, I'm guessing it means more than stock to you. It it a moot point but if you want to back up your claim that it can make "high horsepower" then you need more than just a 12second 1/4 time!
    It doesn't matter if the engine has been tested to 500hp when you don't know when the turbos are capable of.
  4. I don't follow your logic. For a 4400# car to go 12's in the 1/4 it would need about 420 WHP +/-. If you put that same motor in a 3600# car you would probably be in the 11's.

    Also, the car he was talking about is AWD, which means more drive train loss. There would probably be even more WHP if it was a RWD car.

    I don't think I would be ashamed to drive a V6 that could pull those numbers.
  5. Again you are in the same boat as in big numbers only mean slightly more than stock. I know what big numbers are and know what it takes to make big numbers on a DI turbo car. I never said it wasn't impressive!

    But IMO a DI turbo Mustang is not impressive! Good thing they are only rumors.
  6. If by slightly you mean 100+ over a stock GT, then yes, that seems pretty reasonable/street-able to me.

    I'm not looking to prove anything (owning the fastest or highest hp car in the world). I just want something that is fast and fun. At a certain point it would just get impractical.

  7. LMAO......so what do you consider big numbers.
  8. :shrug:500whp+, almost double the power!:shrug:

    LMAO at the thought of you thinking it is that easy to make 500hp just because Ford has tested the motor to that. When you know about turbo flow charts and HPFP then you can say "the engine is not pushing past the turbos limit" :rlaugh:
  9. I know plenty about building and tuning turbo engines. Just face it. The numbers aren't what you are against it's the use of the Ecoboost in the Mustang.
  10. I too have a little experience build and tuning turbos. I'm not against them at all and don't see the Mustang even being offered with the DI turbo engine anytime soon if ever.
    I have had a few of the DI turbo cars and just responding correctly that it is not that easy or cheap to make alot of power on them. I seriously doubt the turbos can flow enough to make a safe 500whp and don't see the stock HPFP letting it get there safely either.

    But would I own one if it ever did come out, NO! Would I hate them, NO!
  11. "Fox News reported that during a meeting with Ford's chief of global development, Derrick Kuzak, was quoted as saying that all of the questions about the Mustang's 2011 engine options will be answered in December at the Los Angeles Auto Show."

    from mustangforums.com

  12. A stock '79 302???

    I'd take the ecoboost if it came down to either of those engines in a Mustang. Don't get me wrong, i'm one of those "Mustangs should only come in V8" kinda people...but I know a nice V6 when i see one. After watching some '10 SHO's dip into the deep 13's and high 12's with little mods, i'd come to realize the Ecoboost V6 is a nice little motor.

    Would I want one in a Mustang? Yeah sure, i'd like to see one, but I could never drive one. To me, a Mustang is about V8 growl, and torque.

    I just want Ford to stick the 5.0 in all the GT's and come out with a new "5.0" emblem so i can stick it on my '88 :)
  13. Forgive me if I dont read all pages but whats wrong with a Turbo V6 .. ever hear of a Buick GNX..one of the baddest cars out there .. and with a Turbo you can always .....UPGRADE .. if $$$$ were the same .. sigh me up for one ....
  14. Again there is absolutely nothing wrong with a turbo v6, but why would you want one instead of a v8? The Buick GNX was definitely a very nice car but why is it a lot of people swap chevy 350s in them to race... I have seen more turbo and twin turbo 350s in them at the track than turbo v6s. The ecoboost v6 is a very nice engine and has potential but again why put a v6 when you can put in a 5.0l v8? Not everyone wants to go the forced induction route. The heads/cam crowd will not enjoy the sound of a cammed v6 mustang :nono:.

    If and when the 5.0l is released i will finally be getting another mustang. I will work the heads, put in a nice set of cams, and top it off with a twin screw. If they put in a v6 at the GT level and no v8 I will be getting a camaro ss... regardless of how crappy their interior is... at least it will have the sound of a cam thumping in a v8.
  15. Government regulations.

    :shrug: I've heard stock cammed 4.0Ls that sounded pretty good.
  16. Somebody needs to make a pole on the various reasons why ppl wont wanna buy a v6 vs v8. :)
  17. all Im saying is why not have a option..
  18. the ecoboost is not replacing the v8 in the gt..

  19. The V6 has plenty Torque:

    Taurus Sho - 365HP/350TQ
    Mustang GT - 315HP/325TQ

    I'm just saying...

    I'm sure with the right exhaust you could make just about anything sound pretty dang good.

    By the way, the max HP comes on about 500 RPM sooner and the max TQ about 750 RPM sooner in the SHO. The Mustang would be about 1000lbs lighter, give or take, than the SHO. It is more than likely it will be RWD not AWD. That all equates to at least 1 second faster than the SHO (1/4 mile).

    It is very likely that an EcoBoost Mustang (stock) would SPANK the current GT (stock). I think that's why a lot of people are against it.:rolleyes:
  20. I think people need to get over it. That's the name of the game.