2011 V6 stang official release

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by master_V12, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Let's hope they keep the weight in line. I think the 6 speed can add a modest amount of weight, if any. The new 5.0 could be lighter than the 4.6 so maybe the new car will weigh in the same as the old?

  2. I heard that the V6 weighs in around 3,400lbs. That's not bad at all. I figure the GT will be around 3,500-3,600lbs.
  3. o ffs the v6 is going to be faster then my v8 now
  4. It all sounds great, if U notice, Ford seen all the huge sales increase in BMW 335i twin turbo sixes too, and figured with fuel economy and over 300 horse to START in 2011, what's not to love?? I love my 2010 GT, I'm near 10K HARD miles, and have had no problems, so if this 2011 is even better, and they gave us the 5.0 w/ 400horse and a 6 speed... it could really bring Ford back to where it needs to be.. I've had stangs from a 79 inline 6, to many, many 86-93 gt's, and now my 2010, and none of them ever left me without a smile... (or the need for new rear tires) lol
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  5. We are halfway through the show and no announcement regarding the GT yet???

  6. The GT will B announced last minute, so they can sell as many 4.6 315 hp 2010 as possible... sad part is, I already bought one...lol
  7. I bet the current 4.6 GT's will sell very well even with the new engine coming out. The real purchase price for consumers will be about $5k apart and many people will be satisfied with the 4.6 which offers plenty of real world performance for most folk. Personally, I am more interested in upgraded brakes and a 6 speed than the new 5.0.

  8. yeah, the brakes are damn horrible on the stock GT, I'm not sure how much better the track pack is, but, as fast as these cars are and as well as they handle, they def do need a lot more breaks IMO. And yeah, I'm happy with the 4.6 3v, it;s been proven over the past few years, but the 6 speed and brakes I wish I had now...lol... lets se how these new 5.0's work out, it;s either gonna be a great awesum motor, or we will here them plagued w/ probs.. but the way ford has been going, i honestly think they just keep getting better!!
  9. I think you'll see a comparable price to the Camaro, I think the performance department will be around the same times as well....I dont see it going from 13.50s to 12.80s buy adding 85hp, im guessing though around 13.20s-00s easily.... Sounds exciting though, and I was wide eyed to see the new V6 305hp motor being used.. The Car to me sounds like a winner for sure, and it will be a GREAT to see a 5.0 on the side of a mustang again !!!