2012 Prices , x plan and destination fee.........HEADACHES!!!

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  1. So I've decided to order a 2012 Mustang GT. Here is where my headache starts.

    I have contacted so many dealers on pricing. I am able to take advantage of the x plan pricing. I have not had one dealer that does not add the destination fee on top of the xplan price. I have read on many different forums where some say that the dealer did not or can not charge for the destination fee.

    So I called Ford. They told me that the dealer can add the destination fee, $275 administrative fee, and advertising fees.

    So with this information I add it all up. Fordpartner.com does not have the 2012 xplan pricing available yet so, we all know the 2012 is $500 less than the 2011, or atleast thats what i understand. So this is what the numbers would show for a 2012 mustang gt

    xplan price - $27577
    Destination fee - $850
    advertising - $400
    administrative - $275
    total - $29102+ taxes and tags

    This is more than some prices i have got without haggling. Local dealers have been quoting me $28687 + taxes and tags on a Grabber Blue 2012 Gt with 3.73 gears before rebates.

    So what prices are people getting on 2012's ? If you used the x plan, did the dealer tack on the destination fee?

    Thanks guys
  2. Not sure on the x-plan pricing and all that, but the BASE model is $500 less, the premium is $200 more (IIRC).
  3. What is the MSRP and Invoice price for your car?
  4. Msrp is 30390. The invoice is 28144 with the 373 gears. The dealer flat told me he was making $800 on the car.

    Still holding off though. Hoping someone comes through with a better price.
  5. I'm a dealer at Galpin Ford in Los Angeles.

    Your X Plan price is on the bottom of the invoice of the car you selected. Every car has a its own X Plan price. That includes destination. Thats the way its always been. You shouldn't need to pay anything over that unless the dealer has added equipment to the car. Thats in CA...could be different elsewhere. Why he is charging you advertising or admin fees is beyond me? Thats all been accounted for in X plan pricing.
  6. Unless the Ford X-Plan is anything like GM's preferred pricing (which makes you pay sticker minus the preferred discount) your dealer is absolutely screwing (and lying) to you. Place your order with someone else. Below is a truecar price report of your car. (Click for full size). The invoice price your dealer is quoting INCLUDES destination already. And with the holdback, your dealer would be making $800 if he sold it to you for around $100 under invoice.

    Basically, you should be able to get this car for around $28.6 without X-plan or any additional factory incentives. I know there are further incentives on 2011s now ($1500 plus $500 if you are military or recent college), but not so sure about 2012s.

  7. Now I know why buying a car is one of the most stressful things you can do. The rep i talked to on the phone axz.ford.com did say that they can add the destination fee. Everyone else I talk to that i am not getting prices from say that the destination fee is included in the x plan pricing.

    L.Sanchez, can you tell me or pm me what the car I'm looking at would be through your dealership on the xplan. I know we are far away but it would be good to know.

    Btw, I had 2 dealers quote me $28387 + taxes and tags before any rebates (if available).
  8. just ordered 30 minutes ago. Thanks for the help
  9. What kind of deal did you end up with?
  10. From what I've read and seen at my local dealer, the breakdown would look like this

    X-plan price on invoice (calculated by invoice -0.4% + 275 admin fee)
    + advertising fee (varies by dealer, the ones I've seen are close to $500)
    + Fuel (a little under $50)
    - Trade in value
    + Tax Title & Licensing (TTL varies by price/location)
    + Destination and delivery ($850)
    + up to $100 in doc fees

    I'm not sure if taxes are applied before or after D&D or doc fees but I know it's after the trade in which can get you an extra 5-10% vs just selling your car (whatever the local sales tax rate is)

    Per X-Plan rules (printed on the sheet with your X-plan PIN), dealers are prohibited from offering you anything of value worth more that $50. Basically, the only areas open for negotiation are doc fees ($0 - $100) and trade in value.

    Also on the X-Plan paperwork, it says the $275 admin fee is already included in the x-plan price so they shouldn't be adding it on afterwards.

    Also, Ford pays the dealer 3% of MSRP as dealer hold back (this is what gives them room to negotiate). I asked about the $275 admin fee and my salesperson said that it goes to Ford and not the dealer.
  11. Sorry Wrath...I only lurk in this site. Its too confusing to follow.

    I picked out a 2011 GT with an MSRP of $30,495 + Fees

    X Plan (As stated on invoice): $28925.90 + Fees

    Thats it. I don't know who said they have to add for this and that. We don't even charge a prep charge here. Thats your price plus whatever local taxes and fees and thats all dependent on where you're registering the car. Like I said, some states or regions may be different. Next question is whether you take the special financing or the rebate. That depends on multiple factors as well. But in terms of pricing, aside from incentives, whats on the invoice is what you pay. Some may charge a prep charge for about $100 and thats understandable.

    And personally, thats a more than fair deal and it can be done very easily and stress free. Guys like Coyote 5.0 are the ones that make it so much more difficult to try and save a $100. I would never sell you a GT under invoice. It's silly. To sell a $30k product and not make even a $100 doesn't make good business sense. The only reason I'd do it on an X plan is because its easy and I get a little back from Ford to make up our loss.

    For the last time...HOLDBACK does not mean profit for a dealer. Thats what pays your free full tank, my porters that wash your new car, the phones I call you on, the service shuttles, the lights in my showroom, and most importantly, the hot chicks we have at our front desk. On top of that, nobody wants to do business with someone asking them to lose money to "earn" their business. And more importantly, you think we don't remember you? :) When you need my help (service, parts, etc,) and I've earned less than $75 after taxes on you, how much help do you think I'm willing to give especially if you gave me a hard time??? My clients know I give them great pricing. Will someone beat me out there by $50-$100, I'm sure. My clients know that. But the service I give them is second to none and thats why I see them over and over, year after year, car after car, and more important to me, I get all their referrals. All i have to do is take care of them.

    Take the Xplan. Its easy, its an awesome deal and you'll make a friend at your store.

    Wrath...what kind of car? GT Coupe, MT, 3.73's?? Thats it?
  12. I have purchased several vehicles on an X plan, including two Mustangs. I was NEVER charged anything extra. I repeat, NEVER. I do think I probably got a little less on a trade in, but all in all, I saved money.
    You can join Mustang Club of America and get an X plan number. Or you can get one if you have a friend who works for Ford.
    I'd love to be able to get an A plan price.
  13. For the record, my deal was about as stress free as it gets. The dealer's first offer was $200 over invoice. I knew it was $200 over invoice, and asked if they'd split the difference at $100 over invoice, and they said yes without any hesitation. The whole bargaining process took less than 5 minutes, and clearly the dealer was very comfortable at $100 over invoice (because with the holdback, that meant $1000 profit).

    From what I understand, holdback is meant to pay the interest/finance cost of having cars sitting on lots. When a car is custom ordered and, and therefore leaves the lot the same day it comes in, holdback IS profit.

    --That "free" fuel tank is itemized on the invoice (basically, I paid $3/gallon for it last summer when gas was $2.60 at the time).
    --The porters that washed the car is why a service fee is tacked on (and I'm sure the guy that spends 20 minutes washing it isn't getting the whole $75 to $195).
    --The service shuttles are probably covered by the $90+/hr the service department is getting for labor.
    --On an order out car, all of one phone call is probably made to the customer the day it comes in (and it thats $900, you need a new phone plan).
    --Something tells me there are not actually "hot chicks" paid to be at the front desk just for my viewing pleasure since I've never seen that at any dealership before, ever (though you could be the only one).
    --Let's not forget that you probably gave someone $6000 for a car worth $10,000 at some point in the process.

    Only making $100...what a joke! Sorry to sound a bit nasty. I know you have to have some profit and make a living and pay the bills, and I'm not putting you down for trying to make money. But some people run dealerships, while others run stealerships. It really rubs me the wrong way when someone so blatantly tries to lie to me, particularly when it involves such a large chunk of my hard earned money. If you expect everyone to blindly pay sticker and for all the little add-ons without asking any questions, you're going to be disappointed much of the time.
  14. I didn't vote for Ron or Rand Paul. (Both are idiots that will lead this country to ruin). But the dealers I know have more profit than they know what to do with. I will lose no sleep worrying about them because I got too good of a deal.
    They can say no to a deal just like I can.
    If vehicles were priced reasonably to begin with and huge rebates didn't have to be added just to get people to buy, we would all be better off.
    My dealer would not sell me a Shelby GT at a $2000 profit rather than a $10,000 profit. He just decided not to get a car he was allocated instead. Where is the sense in that?
  15. I ended up with $28387.92 + taxes and tags - any rebates available at delivery.

    I could have got it for $28187 but, where i ordered from is very local to me and the dealer was more than helpful.
  16. Base Gt, grabber blue, manual, 3.73's, wing delete. Thats it.
  17. dont hope. go to more dealers. hell. tell one of them what this guy is doing. competition drives guys to do cool stuff.
  18. I bought mine below x-plan pricing.

    MSRP: 38,475
    Paid: 34,000
  19. Please post hot chicks.

  20. Screw all this plan pricing. Ask for invoice minus rebates and be done with it. Most dealers will have no issue doing this, because there is still a $750 hold back they are getting even at invoice. If a stupid dealer asks for more than invoice or STICKER, then walk. Locating a vehicle is so easy these days. It would take your dealer 15 seconds to run a locate, then pick up the phone and call the other dealer to see if its available. Dont order one, just shop your local stores and find the one most willing to work with you. Then let them find the car. This is the easiest way to do it. Screw that other dealer.