2013 V6... 16 Mpg?

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  3. Were you trying to make a joke or did you mess up your quote there? lol
  4. I just turned 2400 on the odometer and I'm getting 24.5, I thought that was bad, but after reading some posts I guess not. It is my daily driver @250 miles of highway driving a week. I'm not babying it but not beating on it either. I've taken it thru the gears, hard only three times, I have a 2014 3.7 6 speed -- CHOP
  5. You're engine isn't even 1/2 way broken in yet. Still much to tight to even think about looking at the fuel mileage. Engines require at least 5,000 miles or so to be considered broken in. Start looking at MPGs after that.
  6. What is there in an engine to "break-in"? With modern metal alloys and machining processes, and considering that almost everything inside the engine runs on a film of oil, outside of the piston rings, there is really nothing to "break-in". You would be surprised to learn that the piston rings are actually seated, or "broken-in" within the first 5-10 min of engine operation. Chances are the rings are seated before the car even left the factory. Now that still leaves the rear diff and transmission a bit of time to "loosen-up" and wheel bearings can do the same as well, but not as much as one would think. Things have come a long way from the days of "chrome" piston rings taking forever to seat. All of the engines are pre-run at the factory before the engine is even installed at the assembly line. You would be surprised at how differently the average person drives their car when it is new compared to once the "blush of newness" has worn off. If you could data-log it, you see a dramatic difference in operating parameters.
  7. yes, I hear you, thats what I was thinking
  8. Nice try.

    You obviously never had a new engine.
  9. Wrong, not only have I had multiple new engines, I have built them and put them on an engine dyno and watched the initial run in. After the 5th or 6th pull, the rings are seated. You can tell because as the rings take a seat with each pull, the HP numbers keep climbing, with no other adjustments made. After the 5th or 6th pull the HP number stabilize indicating the rings are sealed to the cylinder walls and you can now try to optimize the tune with timing and fuel. Any engine dyno operator will tell you the same thing. I have personally seen it dozens of times, from bone stock rebuilds, to 13.5:1 compression, nitrous injected,stroked and poked max effort drag race engines. I saw a 9.0:1 358 Windsor make 715HP at 8,200 rpm with only a 750cfm carb. After the 5th pull or so, that engine had stabilized and was close to making max numbers. leakdown tests showed that there was only 2-3% leakdown on any given cylinder. Now you tell me that the rings were NOT seated? yeah right..
  10. My 2014 V6 has approximately 500 miles on it. I get around 18 mpg around town and yesterday I got 31.7 on the highway. I'm running an Airaid CAI and a Bama 87 Performance tune with 89 octane gas.
  11. Update, I just got an SCT 3015 tuner for my 3.7 2012 from motorvationefi and am running the 91 octane performance SCT "Canned" tune w/ selected parameters. I'm now averaging 24.5 mixed mpg. Motorvationefi is working on the stock tune from Ford I emailed to him. I was getting 26.8 mpg before the tune I am using now. The added torque is very noticeable.
  12. There are so many different tuners out there, what made you pick this one? I take it this tuner didn't come pre loaded with tunes
  13. Choppertwo, it did come with 4 preloaded tunes, 87 street, 91 performance, 93 race & a "Skip" tune where you don't load any parameters such as revs per, speed limiter ect. I await motorvationefi to send me a "custom" tune. The owner is my cousin's husband. I sent him the "stock" tune Ford uses. tn_SCT 3015 002.JPG
  14. I see, so could you really tell the difference between stock and a tune THX
  15. Ha, guess not huh?
  16. Yes I can Chopper, the torque throughout the powerband is better! tn_Cemetary Raz 010.JPG
  17. I have 9500 on the **** now and finally, as of today 25.8 , so I'm looking at better gas miliage as I get more miliage on, I know it;s hard to do but, if you use your gears correctly it does help, BUT it;s hard to do--- CHOP
  18. Just bought a 2014 DIB 3.7 and really like the sport mode, I am getting 24.5 mixed with 75 miles on the odometer. tn_Injury & DIB 019.JPG
  19. yea, thats what I was getting when I first bought mine new, your mpg will get better-- CHOP
  20. Just turned 10,000 miles, and am getting 27.1 mpg, last two tanks-- CHOP