2013 V6... 16 Mpg?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by noiseguy, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. I run my 14 premium city only, and if im lucky I get 18mpg. I don't even ride it hard. but yeah I've never done Highway driving yet in my 3 months owning it, so idk how high my mpg could get. when i got gas today, I had 16mpg lol that's so bad.
  2. most of my driving is blacktop @60mph, and alittle town, but I've learned to use the gearbox more when I'm driving 60 or less, not much fun but sure helps on the mpg.BTW, I don't beat on it , but I do go thru 1-3 hard 2 times a month LOL-- CHOP
  3. My mileage has improved to 28.3 after installing an Airaid tube & K&N drop-in filter. I know after I tune it it may even get better but I am changing the oil 1st. I'll report back afterwards. tn_Injury & DIB 012.JPG
  4. so yours runs alright after install of CAI, without a tune. I took mine off, didn't run as well, got to buy a tuner, I guess-- CHOP
  5. I was told it was a NO TUNE CAI HA, now after talking with a couple Mustang guys, they told me you have to tune after CAI install with the newer Mustang 3.7
  6. I avg 20mpg mixed with K&N Typhoon CAI, 3.73 gears, and 89 Bama Performance tune.