2014 Gt 5.0 Track Pack.......anybody Have One Yet??

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  1. I want the 2014 GT 5.0 Track Pack really bad. I was wanting a little feedback for anyone who has one. I am interested in the track pack's suspension upgrades, the extra coolers and the Brembo brakes. Any feedback good or bad would be appreciated.
  2. Brembo's are 14" front and 12.8" rear disc, and I think are similar if not the same as older GT500 brakes.

    The suspension and Traction Control are tuned differently from a normal GT, and allow for some more "aggressive" driving. The springs are specific to the package, not 100% sure if the struts/shocks are or not...

    You also get a 3.73 Torsen helical differential, and a Boss 302 radiator.

    Not to say the factory GT is a slouch or not able to handle the abuse, but the Track Pack gives you some upgraded items and brings some additional piece of mind.
  3. Love mine. Base GT, 6M, track package, Recaros, nothing else. Black/black.

    Didn't want sync so I had to order this car. Wouldn't change a thing.

    Mods so far are mild. GT500 mufflers (blacked out). Continued the blackout theme, window tint, blacked out rotors, gloss black emblems. Barton shifter to install tomorrow morning, and fog light, and markers tint. I'm keeping the Brembo wheels, the charcoal color looks great on black car.

    Lowered suspension is next. I've been getting used to it for a couple of months, not sure what's on deck 1st: autocross, track day, or drags. I'll partake in all. :)
  4. I can't decide between the GT Track Pack or the Brembo Brake Package - I guess the main differences is the lack of the Torsen and Boss radiator because aren't 3.73s a separate option?
  5. AFIK, 3.73s were a separate option in 2011, but in 2014 online they are not. If one wants 3.73s from the factory in a GT, one must get the Track Pack if doing Build and Price on the Ford website. Perhaps your local dealer has the option to install or order the 3.73s for you under the factory warranty?

    Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 3.35.57 AM.png Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 3.35.06 AM.png
  6. I stopped by my local dealer yesterday had them print off a order guide for me. 3.55s and 3.73s are still offered as separate options, but for $395. I'd rather pay another $400 for the Track Pack.
  7. I pulled the trigger and picked up my grabber blue 2014 track pack GT. It is everything I had hoped it would be. I road raced GM products for many years and professionally raced the FR500C mustangs in 2007 as well as doing some magazine test driving. I am a very picky buyer and understand what I performance car "should" feel like. I weighed out purchasing a challenger vs camaro SS or a mustang track pack car......in the end there was only one clear winner for me. I literally like everything about it. I still have some connections with Ford and was amused at the parts that are listed on the sticker as to track pack contents were, what the ford website listed and what is actually on the car. There are a bunch of parts, pieces and differences that are not specifically listed that are in fact on the cars. I was also suprised how little the dealerships even knew about the track pack cars. Bottom line is I love it and there is no doubt these will be among the collector cars of the future.
  8. Within Ford the track pack GT is referred to as the "Bargain Boss".
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  9. Congrats on the purchase
  10. So what are some the other pieces of the Track Pack that are not listed? No one at my dealer even knew this package existed let alone what's in it.
  11. carbon fiber torsen diff with 3:73 gears, boss 302 diff housing with rear cooler cover, brembo brakes, perf friction pads front and rear, boss 302 coolers, boss 302 radiator, GT 500 trailing arms, bushings, sway bars, specifically calibrated springs, struts and shocks etc . 19"x9" wheels, 5w-50 oil, no spare, etc.
  12. Also the 255/40/19 tire good for 12,000 miles.
  13. Most dealers don't even know what it means, what they are selling and in many cases that it even exists. My window sticker simply says " GT Track Package: 255/40/19 summer tire, 3:73 ratio LTD slip w/torsen, 19" premium aluminum wheels.

    We knew for sure about the diff housing, radiator, coolers, etc but there is no mention of them on the window sticker. This is pretty common for production cars built for road racing. That way the individual on the street can't really justify one for the additional cost for street use but all the race teams know about it and it is available. Pretty cool option and no doubt will have value in 10 to 20 years.

    I went thru the same thing when buying 1LE camaros when they were IROC bodies and later with the 4th Gen during the Firehawk series. Very cool cars but the dealer always scratched their head when we said check the 1LE box on the order sheet. The 1LE package description at the dealership was minimal.
  14. Wow, thanks for the info on the extra stuff. I'll probably be ordering my car this week and now I'm dead set on the Track Pack along with Recaros.
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  15. Love my 2013 track pack. I looked at Camaro and Challenger but both cost more for the same performance as my GT.

    If you plan on pushing your car at all the extra brakes and cornering are well worth it...

    If all you do is slow cruise on Sundays then I would not bother with the track pack..
  16. Got a 13 GT with track pack about a month ago. Like it. You get the extras installed by the factory and have a nice base to build on.
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  17. Do the stripes come with or did you have them added? Also no grill lights but lower fogs ,is this an option?
  18. I see most folks have the recaros. Does anyone have the base seats? I need to keep the price as low as possible. Also being there is no spare tire, is the donut spare location the same as I would like to ability to carry one when needed.
  19. Stripes are an add on by the dealer - my wife picked them - she's great likes Mustangs.
    The lower lights are because its a Canadian car - heard that our feds didn't like the upper grill bug lights
  20. I.
    I pick mine up Tuesday the 10th if all goes as planned.