24lb Injectors Newer Type With Adapters

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  1. ok, so through help on here I've determined I should use 24lb injectors... well LMR has a set of bocsh re-manufactured EV1 for 200.00... well for 30.00 more I can get NEW ford racing ones, but there the newer style but they come with the adapters to allow the stock connectors to plug in... but from the description, it looks like I will have to install a 3/8" upper intake spacer to clear the connectors do to the adapters making them stick up more....

    So, first I have the Explorer upper and lower intake, the earlier one with the internal EGR (which I'm hooking up) so do the spacers have that center hole? and will I have clearance issue with the hood? when I put the motor back in, I have a new set of Poly motor mounts that I'm using, so not sure if they will cause it to sit a little higher or not... which may may the hood clearance issue worse if they do...
    So has anyone else install these injectors with a 3/8" spacer and have any hood clearance issues?
  2. I looked at your other post, it's my opinion that 24's are a waste of your time and money unless you are buying aluminum heads in the immediate future.
    If I read it right you have a basic gt40p setup.
    That will probably provide somewhere around 265rwhp.
    That's not 24lb injector territory.
    What works on paper doesn't always match up in the real world with injectors.
    I'd spend the money elsewhere.

    As for the adapters, I don't like them. Any time you add extra connectors to electrical items you are adding a potential failure point.
    If you really must buy a set of 24's, just get a used set. Last time I sold a set I think it was for like $125.
  3. I think I have a set of Mark 8 24#ers I got off ebay for $50. Used 24's are plentiful.

    To answer your question, most 1993 cobra intake 3/8" spacers have the EGR port. The one I installed years ago did not have it (got it cheap) but 5 mins with a drill fixed that issue.

    Most poly engine mounts are modeled on the convertible motor mounts and do drop the motor slightly.

    My cobra intake with 3/8" spacer and stock 1988 mounts clears the stock hood
  4. So I'm guess the 24lb injectors you bought had the type 3 EV1 connector? (guess they don't make new ones with that anymore and can only get used, other wise you have to use those adapters if you buy new ones right?)

    The mounts I have I got from LMR a few years back... (basement full of parts waiting to go on) # LRS-6038PR which looks like they don't even list anymore... there Urethane.... I thought I remember in the desc. it saying something about may raise engine height... but can't remember... so that's why I was worried...

    Update: I found these used ones - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Injectors-...ash=item41cd5a80b6:g:dgcAAOSwoQ1TmyN4&vxp=mtr

    can could get a o-ring & cap kit for these right? and this would keep me from having to install a 3/8 spacer then...
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  5. I actually didn't use them. Ended up going with 30# injectors for my future combo. I plan to hang onto them though.

    24# Ev1's here. Just...expensive

  6. I found these on e-bay -- http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?campid=5335821607&toolid=10001&mpre=https://www.ebay.com/itm/Injectors-...ash=item41cd5a80b6:g:dgcAAOSwoQ1TmyN4&vxp=mtr[​IMG]

    can could get a o-ring & cap kit for these right, not sure what year model to look up for the o-ring and caps? and this would keep me from having to install a 3/8 spacer then...
  7. The factory application is 96-98 Taurus/Sable.

    Explorer 302's had 4-hole caps, and I assume the O-rings are universal to all injectors we are talking about here
  8. hmmm wonder why they have them listed as Cobra injectors...
  9. Doesn't really matter. They aren't truly vehicle specific. They just need to be high impedance (~14.4ohms resistance on the coil) and the ECU needs to be programmed for their flow, and they will work.

    They are 24#, so that's all that really matters.
  10. ok so those would work fine with the pro-m calibrated 24lb maf.... and then I can get it tuned later to have it perfect...

    so my understanding... if I was at the higher limit of HP (which I don't know what it will have) and stuck with the 19's I could be running to high of a duty cycle which is bad... but going to the 24's will lower that cycle... even if I'm not close to the HP for the 24... with the calibrate maf, I'm not burning any more fuel, but if the car needs it it can... I will get it tune after motor break in ect...
  11. Correct. The step up in injector size just adjusts the duty cycle to me more in the middle of it's range, vs at the very top of the range.

  12. I agree with all of this, why introduce another possible failure point for an upgrade that isn't really needed at this point but it's your car,money,time etc also you'll want to verify hood clearance because some mounts raise the engine slightly while others don't. I swapped my prothane poly mounts out for energy suspension poly mounts to clear my stock hood on my daily driver and have used energy suspension poly mounts on three other cars without hood clearance issues.
  13. did you use a 3/8 spacer also?
  14. Wait a sec, can u buy ev6 connector pig tails, and just cut the ev1 connectors off and solder on the ev6 ones??? So now u don't need the adapters and there won't clearance issues and thus no need for spacer?
  15. You certainly could.

    For the record, I also agree with the others that you don't really need 24's just yet.
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  16. i said the same thing and ws blown off. Some people need to learn it themselves
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  17. Maybe we lack the street cred of the old days...
  18. No offense, but sometimes the same questions are asked over and over using different words/phrases until the desired result is reached. If he intends to use 24s then he will do that.
    He may not have any problems using 24s with the maf programed for same.
  19. Before I went Megasquirt, I ran 30lb injectors with Pro M calibrated maf, cam, heads and intake on stock A9L ecu and car idled and ran great without a custom tune. Previous owner had installed them, even though they weren't needed for that setup.
  20. Well crap, I'll do that!!!! I have to replace one of the injector connectors anyway since the clips broke off on one of them when I unplugged it.... So I'll just replace them all with the ev6 ones.... Have plenty of solder and shrink wrap lol.... I started looking, it appears there are 3 types of ev6 connectors? So I need to find out for sure what type they are a, b, or c.
    right I might not need 24's, but I could also be close to maxing my duty cycle (wont know until it's tuned)... either way I'm buying a new MAF since I'm getting a new TB, so I rather buy a 24 one then a 19, then have to find out later I have to upgrade to 24... I figure I definitely wont need over 24... so I won't have to mess with it/change anything later if I get the 24 maf and injectors now.. The way I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong) if I have the 24's and really don't need them, all that's affected is, they running at a lower duty cycle (which is a good thing right?). And when I get it tuned they will get everything fine-tuned... heck the 93 cobra's came with 24's right? I'm just looking to only mess with this motor once... once I get it together and running, I don't want to touch it again.... (expect for maintenance stuff of course). At this point I have pretty much bought all new stuff for it.. so what's one-two more things....

    So that the way I'm understanding it... let me know if I'm wrong pls... I've been reading a lot... and its up and down... half say go 24 and other don't need to, a lot of conflicting info on when exactly you need the 24's... and then yeah the 19's would work.... but they will be running at higher duty cycle, which might not notice anything, but that's still not optimal.
    I rather just be safe and have more and not need it, then need it ... man this stuff is giving me a headache...

    now back to the connectors... I need to replace one of them anyway since the clips broke off removing them... so way planning to buy new one... then I got thinking last night, why couldn't id just get the EV6 connectors, and just cut all the old EV1's off and put the EV6 on... now no adapters needed, and now don't need to have a 3/8" spacer on the upper intake... So, I looked a little last night, found a site selling the pigtails... but looks like there are (3) types for the Ev6 connectors?? type A,B, & C??? and then I guess would need to have to figure out which wire to match up? I know there are only 2. I'm kinda suppressed I haven't seen anyone else talk about doing this? unless I just haven't came across that yet.. seems to me that's a lot better then using the adapters and then having clearance issues and needed the add a spacer... which then I would need longer bolts for the uppers, and could be hood clearance issue's .ect...