Progress Thread 25thmustang's Progress Pics

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  1. Alright, I havent done much because Im waiting for my primer to actually do something with the parts he has, but I did pick up a 4" cowl the other day, and should have my 3" tailpipes in the next week or so. As soon as we get one 8.8 off the stand mine is going on it (I have a spare one) to get the 5-lug stuff and a set of 4.10s (welding the axle tubes, and painting it etc...). Once The car is primed its down in the shop for the motor to come out, the rear to come out and the front brake stuff to come off. Then its a matter of getting it all put back together with the new parts, and getting it painted in the spring! It looks sad now, but I will toss up a pic of some preliminary ideas I had. It should look like the last pic, only with a 4" cowl and a Saleen front bumper!

  2. why the big cowl?

    just for looks? that two-tone looks awesome.
  3. Yeah just for looks now, its the look Im going for. I will catch a lot of heat for having a big hood on a car that doesnt need it, but I got a decent deal and it should look mean when its all together!
  4. I'm usually not a fan of 2 tone cars, but that combo looks great, especially with the bullits. Man, I can't wait to see the finnished product.
  5. Im hoping it looks good. It will be different, that I can gaurentee!
  6. looks like its coming along nicely
  7. Lookin like you're making some great progress. That two tone is freakin nice. What size wheels are you gonna be running?

  8. That's gonna look great!
  9. 18x9/10s, not sure about the tires yet. Will run whatever comes with the wheel package at first, then get something sized better after they wear down.
  10. Nice color combo - don't think I've ever seen that combo before but it looks good.
    Looks like you still have a lot of work to do, but you've come pretty far along from what I can see. Keep it up!
  11. right on man, looks good
  12. That's gonna look HOT! Will it be ready for Fun Ford in August? If so, I can't wait to see it!
  13. Sounds good man. The car is gonna look killer. Goodluck with everything.

  14. What color is that bottom color? looks killer! peace

  15. 2 tone lx's FTW!! i like the color, did u ever think what it would look like with the color's switched? black on bottom and the other on top? what color do you call that btw
  16. Cant wait to cruisedown to myrtle beach wit ya, both Two tone an all. My buddies 96 is now two tone silver on top with black on bottem and black 18 FR500's. Car is gonna look awesome when its done man!
  17. that is going to look mean, classy and all around bad a$$. is this the car that has run 12.5?
  18. Thanks for the responses...

    The colors are a Mercedes Black up top, and Nissan Bronze Gold Metallic on the bottem. As far as the pinstripe I actually have an idea. Im powder coating my calipers red, and I think Im doing the stripe the same red color (with a little custom touch to it also). I have a photoshop of it, but its on my other computer.

    Macn I cant wait for MB this year. Last year was a blast, and we only went down with two cars. We have 4+ this year (and I dont ahve to rock the sisters 94 GT either) not counting anyone we might meet up with (IE, you Jersey guys). The week is definately going to be insane!

    jstang, I thought about it, but I really want the black up top to kind of blend with the tint and window trim, makes it look meaner in my eyes!

    Hissin, It should be ready for April if I have my choice. Im skipping a Spring Break trip to paint this thing, so it better be out all summer.

    Flava, yes this is the tank that runs 12.5s. As it sits now on a tire, I might be able to squeak and 11 out of it, merely because I have TONS of weight off it (car driving up and down the street spins through 3rd without worry, kind of annoying).

    I have a LONG way to go, but in the end the car should look pretty good, and be something a little different (at least around these parts).
  19. so when are we doing the 5 lug??

  20. Thats the exact reason why im going with black on top too!