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  1. Thanks...

    Calipers should be painted and ready to go on by the weekend. Then I order the rest of the rear brake stuff and get started on that. Im really stuck unless my primer gets the car ready for storage, so Im hoping in the next week or so!
  2. looks good man. i like it.
  3. Are the wheels going to match the bottom color of the car? Or is it going to be exactly as pictured?
  4. Exactly as pictured (only the paint will be real and not photochopped, but its as close as I can get). I thought of going with either the Anthracite color for the car, or the gold color for the wheels, but for now it will remain exactly like that.

    I figure it can always be changed later on!
  5. Got the calipers painted, going to try and get the new bleeders in the fronts, but one might prove to be an issue. Once the car gets put into storage the progress will happen a lot faster!

  6. Looking killer! Can't wait to see it done.
  7. just my opinion 25th so dont get mad at me, i think the calipers should have been another color, i think in the end its gonna clash cuz you dont have a noticealbe amount of red on the car.... just imo so it dosent mean much...
  8. My goal is to have the pinstripe the same red color to tie it in. I need some kind of pinstripe to break it up, and have seen a red pinstripe on bland (similar to mine) two tones, and it looks good. Might not be some peoples tastes but I will try it out, and if I dont like it, changing it will take maybe a day tops!
  9. I am not sure if i like the brakes either. But i would have to see it before really knowing.
  10. I think the brakes will look badass as long as the pinstripe is noticeable. May want to think about incorporating it in the paint job instead of just a sticker? I think the red would look good if it was like an inch thick to seperate the two colors. And I would also think the car would look PERFECT if the rims matched the color of the car but that would be a little hard. Hell maybe even black to match the top would be badass.
  11. EDIT: sorry meant to hit edit my last post not quote.



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  12. nice call mob, i think hes right 25th, an inch of paint will bring a noticable amount of red to scene of the crime... thus bring'en the red brakes to a perfect result of sure class!.. lol i was actually tryen to sound smart, and i hated every second of it.. take it for what its worth!
  13. I agree with mob 100%, and I think I like the black wheels the best.
  14. Your cars gonna be awesome, IMO the black wheels look alot better
  15. I have a photoshop of them black, they look meaner, but for some reason I really like the anthracite. And if I choose later to go black, Ill mask and paint the wheels with the same paint code as the car!

    Calipers and a weak in house alignment should be on in the next two or three days!
  16. I think the black looks meaner, but I personally like the classy look of the anthracite with the bottem color. Forgot what you called it. BTW, what are you doing for a hotel for next july?
  17. I like the classier look too. The thing with black wheels and me is I sometimes like them, sometimes dont. Cant see owning a wheel I dont really want on there at times. The bottem color is Nissan Bronze Gold Metallic, found on Xterras and such!

    We get a house in North MB. Its one block off the main drag, and a 1 minute walk from a 24 hour BI-LO that sells booze and food!!! Its a good 10-15 minute drive to the heart of MB, and all the clubs and ****, but hey we drive 14 hours down, whats another 15 minutes?

    Also were gonna try and meet some ladies and have a bbq, party there. Were gonna do it last year, but never got stuff planned out. Im talking something good, so if you guys are in, would be pretty sick. House is 3 bed, 3 bath, big living room and stuff!
  18. 25th...on the divider strype - 1" may be too much. Sometimes less is more. 1/4" - 1/2" should be enough. Give it some thought. The calipers are not going to JUMP out like a sore thumb in any way. No matter what YOU decide....:nice: gonna look great!!
  19. Oh dont worry, Im not doing the stripe. I thought about it as I do have an artistic thumb, but Im going to have a pro do it, and we are going to sit down and figure it out before paint touches the clear coat. I actually plan to run the stripe back and stop it a few inches before the back of the car. In this area he is going to put the XXV that was on my car since I bought it... Its kind of a signature now, and I figure why not keep it going (25th seems to be a trend for this car). The brakes and pin strip are more or less just something to add a little contrast, and interest. Black and gold is kind of boring, but a little bright red here and there and I think it will look just right.

    Tnanks for the opinions guys, and any and all are welcome, whether good or bad!
  20. Hmm I cant find where I said an inch wide pinstripe, but I definately have NO plans to do that. It will most likely be the average size of one, maybe slightly wider, to have the color pop...