Progress Thread 25thmustang's Progress Pics

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  1. \Its a guy near me owns that car, very sick!!
  2. That car is "similar" to my goal, only mine should be more usable... if that makes sence. I plan to drive the car a lot, and drive it hard, so the work being done is nice, but forgiving! A show car is fun, but an all arounf car is 10x the fun!
  3. Got the rear brakes figured out, just need some lines and ebrake stuff and those are all set. Then dash comes out for MC and heater core. The motor will be out soon too!
  4. Another verbal update, pics will come...

    Got the brakes figured out and all buttoned up out back. I had the NRC brackets on wrong and it messed up the caliper location.

    Also the motor is ready to come out, and the heater box is out waiting for me to find my heater core. When the motors out Ill do the MC and brake booster, as well as the clutch quadrant I got. And as luck would have it, my damn clutch cable is near destroyed. All but maybe a 1/3 of the actual cable is frayed and broken. That would have snapped on me within a few months back on the road! Probably on my trip to SC!
  5. Cool. Can't wait to see some pics. That would have sucked if you broke the clutch cable on your way to SC :eek:
  6. Yeah, I didnt realize it was even frayed... let alone that bad.

    Pics should be tomorrow morning/afternoon.
  7. Not sure if anyone still watches this, but I got some more done. Decided to make the engine bay a little nicer and throw some paint on it at the same time I paint the body. Motors out and half ripped apart, and the engine bay is nearly empty.

    Should get the body work under the hood done in the upcoming week or two, then drop the motor back in, and everything else. I figure I am nearly at the half way mark!

  8. Glad to see your Getting So much done, Spring/ summer is right around the corner
  9. Man am I jealous, i remember seein this car like two years ago and now its this! I cant wait to be doin what your doin. Next december my car will hopefully being ripped apart for everything to be gone over.
  10. Yeah its changed a little, but I took on too much. I should have done it in stages but whatever. I am going to try and get a few people here next weekend and do a nice long work day. Get the engine bay done, motor ready to drop in (probably painted and such) and the heater core stuff going back in!
  11. My offer still stands man, let me know if you need a hand.

    And mine is still more apart than yours!!!!
  12. Looking good.
  13. Def. looking good and I am still paying attention lol.
  14. Nick, I think this weekend were going to do a work day. Got Joe, Bill, Ricky, Mike and maybe a couple others in for it. I figure some beers, food and whatnot and we could get a lot done. If your interested let me know.

    Glad to see people looking. Ill get more pics after this weekend, but with school now its going to be a weekly thing more so than a daily thing!
  15. If its gonna be sunday, im in.
  16. Sunday huh, well Ill have to see what the others that are in say. If it doesnt work, no sweat, afterall Im just a damn charity case at this point!
  17. Progress... not my car actually but I did these door panels for a friend. They were 91s that we taped and dyed, and then we put the piping on. I think they look great for our first try, what do you guys think?

    Pics of MY cars progress this wed. If all goes right I might have paint in the engine bay!

  18. how did you hold the piping on? just glue?

  19. +1 that looks damn good!
  20. lookin good! I just got through doing mine....i did my panels in all black....the interior was that butt rock 80s blue color now the interior is all black:nice: