331 Stroker N/A FI 450HP +accessories +Computer

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by defcondaze, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Asking 5500 OBO

    NY, Long Island

    5,000 miles on engine
    Dyno tuned computer w/ custom chip
    DSS 331 pro bullit w/girdle & windage tray. 8.5:1 (ready for supercharger and 650 HP)
    Forged Fods/Pistons Balanced/Blue Printed, CNC machined Block
    Anderson Racing N-61 cam (228/236 .544/.568 110)
    7-qt low profile oil pan
    Romac Racing damper SFI - Aluminum
    Fidenza flywheel - SFI - Aluminum
    SPEC clutch

    Twisted Wedge Alumium Heads -1.6 rockers & High -Revsprings for cam
    Holley Systemmax II Intake
    30lb injectors
    Accufab - 70mm tb
    76 MAF

    130 Amp Alternator
    Accel Ignition / Rev limiter
    MSD Distributer
    Summit High- Torque Starter
  2. I need the shortblock....have everything else...LOL
  3. was thinking about parting everything out but figured it would be worth more whole, + the $600 worth of tuning and chip.
    Engine runs great and is ready to be dropped in anything (once removed from my car:))
    could drop this in a classic stang as ill include the wiring
  4. I hear ya....IF you decide to do that, hit me up on the short block....
  5. BTT

    couple pics

  6. PM responded to
  7. any one for $5,000 ?
  8. do u still have it?
  9. Yes still available.
  10. I have question, would you be kind enough to call me 801-226-8231
  11. Did it have a supercharger on it and what horsepower did the dyno report. Are you still at 5000.00

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  12. I am some what interested, have some questions though. Steve 801 226-8231
  13. What kind of crank, rods, pistons?
  14. Im interested as well. I am returning from afghanistan in 2 days and been lookin for one. What kind of internals are in it?
  15. do u still have engine?
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