351w Lightning Twin Turbos

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  1. Hey guys I bought a stock 94 lightning motor off a buddy of mine and I'm rebuilding it down to the block. Now my buddy has a set of twin turbos that is set up for a fox body mustang! I just wanna get your thoughts on it. I was tryin to keep the motor somewhat stock and freshen it up maybe roller cam 2.02 valves on the gt40
    Heads and slap the turbos on it! Let me know what you guys think!!!
  2. Forged pistons would be a good idea. I also wouldn't put money in the heads, save it for a better set of aftermarket aluminum.

    Any way you slice it though, a turbo'd 351 will be an animal!
  3. "slap a turbo on it"

    Fox turbo kit is for a 8.2" block so it probably wont bolt right up.
    what trans? what rear? what brakes, fuel system

    good luck just make sure you realize how fast it adds up.
  4. heres what i found works... what ever you think its going to cost... triple it
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  5. How true that is.