35th Anniv 35th seat/door panel insert color

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  1. Yes, that would be my choice too. Will the red need to be stripped off? Not sure, was wondering. Never done that before.

  2. Went with the silver & did one of the door panels.....think it came out ok no?

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  3. definetly better than the red!! Its may be a tad shinier than the original, but I think its fine. Did you remove the panel and repaint? If so, how hard is it to remove that panel? Reason I ask, over the years some of the "clips" that hold mine of have loosened. I have just been too concerned about removing the panel to fix.

  4. X2, mine is coming loose from the back panel and needs to be resprayed. What color did you use? I am thinking about just getting some GT panels and doing something custom until I can get mine a perfect match.
  5. I used SEM Color Coat # 15083 Silver.

    I did remove the insert because, like most, it was coming loose. There are 6 plastic clips glued to the insert & are retained using metal speed/push nuts.
    4 of my clips were missing!!

    I found some 1/4" flat style carriage bolts at work. Cut them down to the correct length & epoxied them to the panel. Used 1/4" lock nuts to secure the panel. Hopefully it holds up.

  6. did you pull the whole door panel off first to get to it or does the trim panel come off first? I have to change a lock actuator anyway so not a big deal either way I just don't want to break anything in the process.
  7. The whole panel has to come off.....only gain access to the stock push nuts from the rear
  8. First post. I just bought a '99 LE coupe, and the silver has worn off over the years. This is perfect. Question tho, the leather silver inserts have some black spots on them (not sure what they are.) Any suggestions on how to remove the black without damaging the seats or discoloring the silver? I just bought the car Friday. First car I bought with my own money, and I AM BABYING THE ***t OUT OF IT. So I am getting confirmation on anything and everything I am doing to it.
  9. hey slimjim,

    Send me your VIN# in a PM and I'll get back to you.

  10. My door insert on the driver's side is in good shape but it's started coming unglued from the tabs. :( I've been contemplating fixing them so this post has been very helpful!

    Question though...would it be safe to use Gorilla Glue to glue them back on..?
  11. PAN1K,

    You could try it, I know that stuff is very strong.

    I need to do this also, some of the push pins on mine are the same way. I just hate taking the doors apart to do it....I always worry about damaging the door panels.

  12. My door handel was comming loose, so today I took apart door to tighten nut on handle. It was pure terror as I was not wanting to break anything. It all worked out, but use caution as damage could acure.
  13. mick, I took my panel apart today as well to put in new speakers (previous owner blew one of 'em.) It was straight up hell on the nerves. Crutchfield sent pics on how to do it. It helped tremendously. I recommend them to anyone trying to replace anything stock. While I was back there I meant to tighten my handle (outside) but completely forgot. Was it any harder to get in there farther to tighten it?
  14. Tightening nut is very easy, put window up and you can reach it with 1/4 ratchet and socket. I did it on my son's mustang before, but had to look inside of door to find nut. the nut on mine was loose, but still on. Hate to say it but taking his door apart was easier because it wasn't mine.
  15. Hey all. When I first purchased my Mustang the dealer had put standard door panels on due to the above issues. Now I have purchased a set of panels with the inserts but to say I am disappointed would be an understatement :( They were not accuratley described with the damage they have or I would have never purchased them. Now, since I have them, does any one know if these can be repaired professionally? My clips that hold the inserts were pushed through the door panel then melted on the other side to make it hold onto the door panel. Also, I don't believe whomever removed these panels took much care doing so because there are several places, the speaker cover being one, where the plastic pieces that retain them have been broken. I hate to think I'm SoL so any advice, comments, direction you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  16. Yikes! Other than filling the holes and recovering them in leather or faux leather in silver. Not sure what else could be done.

    Good luck...post up some pics of the damage panels..that might give us a better idea how to help you.

  17. Here is my attempt at posting pictures. If it works you should be seeing the door panel, the insert removed and five "tabs". Then the other side of the door panel I tried to show pictures of how the back side of these tabs were melted to hold the insert to the panel. Also several other areas where parts are broken.

    Okay, attachments are not the way to do this :) I'll try to get these on to Photobucket and re-post.

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