4.10 not worth it!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Stang2003GT, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. I strongly agree with ya lol
  2. The average joe shmo also doesnt go enough to practice and really run the car now does he?:D
  3. Thats all im sayin :D
  4. did any of you guys notice the 4.10 car shifted into 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. missed that lol
  6. True but the simulator is giving out wrong info. On my post and svttech also said it, Look at the shifts. I stated only to 3, but the simulator has the guy shifting into 4th and 5th which is why the car is running high 14's. It is drastically slowing the car down.
  7. what do u think SVTtech, what would u say the average bone stock GT 5spd driver runs in the 1/4

  8. probaly about 14.3 to 14.5 blowing the tires off in first. thats at sea level. the guys at higher elavations will run slower.

    so a good driver in colarado might go 14.4 tops where at a sea level track that same car might go 13.8 or so.

    DA number and 60 foot time makes a huge difference.

  9. blackfang i don't want to be disrespectful to another member but his sim is SO FLAWED that it can't be taken seriously
  10. i concor with nost guys out here that the info is misleading because a gear ratio of 4.10 compared to a 3.27 is going to have a huge impact on the vehicle not just because it will put it in the power band faster but it will multiply more torque take a look at a vid helty made vs. jasonh86 one has 3.73's the other 4.10's with similar mods and both good drivers :nice:

    the one with 4.10's one im not being single sided but gears are a plus
  11. hahahaha....wait hahahahahahhahha......wait hahahahahahhaha..........wait wait..........

    and when i thought that one guy with the longtubes are worthless thread was the biggest idiot.


  12. computer simulation????

    i have need4speed and just put a whole lot of nos on my turbo===NURBO!!!!

    why would i get on the computer to race a stock mustang???:shrug:
  13. If you read my post I covered alot of data in my simulation. If you skipped right over here is a more detailed list of data I entered.

    Driving conditions:

    (SAE standard condtions)
    -29.6 MG inchs <- Atmosphere Pressure
    -77 Degs F <-Out side air temp
    -49 Dew point <- The dew point (Moisture)
    -No wind <- NO wind at all


    Average none-racer type driver on a SAE day. Not a person who drag races
    -2000 Rpm launch <- The launch rpm.
    -5400 Rpm shifts <- Rev 1st to 5400 shift/2ed 5400 shift/3rd 5400 Shift/4th
    -.8 sec shift times <-The time it take for the driver to shift gears
    -And rpm matching <- Matching the Engine Rpm and the transmission rpm before releasing the clutch

    Engine Infromation

    Cubic Inches 281
    -260hp @ 5250 @ fly wheel
    -300 lbs torque @ 4200 @ fly wheel

    Clutch Information
    Diameter: 10.5 Inches
    Force: 1600lbs <-est. (But close)
    Singe metal disk


    -With the T-3650 (3.38)(2)(1.32)(1) <- 5th is not used in this simulation.
    -97% eff which is the average effeicny of a manual (Spec sheet)


    -LSD (50%)<-- Amount of slip in the rearend
    -3.27 and 4.10 gears


    -8.8 x 24.9 Tires @ 34 lbs (weight) each <-Radial style tire
    -90% tractions (This simulates the level of traction on the road 90% = Tire on good concrete, 95% = Drag strip with good Traction compound)

    Car Body information

    -The car weighted 3500lbs = (3200 dry+100lbs of gas+ 200lbs me)
    -.42 drag coef <- Amount of drag
    -55% front weight and 45% rear weight - Weight distribution
    -101.3 In wheelbase
    -60 Inch rear track
    -20 Inch center of gravity
    -Suspension stiffness of a modern car

    Distance of 1320 feet
    A 10 inch rollout.

    There you have it.

    This is no game, this is a serious program. $$$$
  14. ok lets not get personal. no insults please.

    we all make mistakes, i think he did not realize all the mistakes in his simulation.
  15. Thats my whole claim.

  16. your 4.10 car is shifting into 5th before the end of the 1/4 mile. fix that and rerun the test. i think you will see your mistake

    read your PM. i sent you a PM..
  17. what the calculation fails to consider is how the car is launched. obviously if you are using full power off the launch with both sets of gears, the 4.10's are going to spin more. just because a program says something, it doesn't mean it's true. NASA'a computer simulations of the Mars rovers said they'd only last something like 3-6 months. guess what, they're still running!!
  18. I only bumped up to 3.73s.. I know they dont make power, they just adjusted the power I already had.

    So are you telling me the increase in acceleration I FEEL is nothing at all? heh. The traction I lose now is alot more if I get on it hard... is that just a coincidence? I can bark in thrid now every single time now.. but I dont have any more acceleration?

    I didnt take time to read your entire post.. basically a simulator isnt life.

    It's a theroy if imposibility.

    Of course.. if the same driver were in both cars and drove the EXACT same way.. he will spin his stock street tires WAY more in a steeper gear than he would in a less steep gear. Thats obvious.. and that would be the ONLY advantage to less steep gears.

  19. STOP POSTING NOW. Right as you read this im reruning massive data. In an hour from this post I should have a calc. I will list every spec I run and do some more detail calcs.

    The error you seem to believe in is being analyzed Now. Sorry for any confusion.
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