4.10 not worth it!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Stang2003GT, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. ok i heard from you now i reopend this.

    you need to have the 3.27 go thru the traps at the top of thrid and the 4.10 car stay in 4th. if that is not fixed then this is just flat out silly and pointless. then i think your results will be a lot more realistic.
  2. Are 4.10's Worth It?

    Here's my take on this subject. Take if for what it is worth.

    Top speed is irrelvant. All that matters is 1/4 mile ET. Street racing is illegal, dangerous, and stupid.

    The first issue should be traction. You need the suspension and tire setup that will allow you to launch at high rpm with a small amount of tire spin without bogging. For me, this means 28 inch ET Drags. I launch off a transbrake with a 4200 stall converter and the pedal matted.

    An automatic should trap in 3rd gear close to the rev limiter. A 5 speed should trap in 4th gear close to the rev limiter. With my car, I trap at 6700 rpm between 130 and 135 mph.

    Gear choice can be determined using the above information. For my setup, I use 4.10 gears. Anything less would be slower and anything more would put me trapping above my rev limiter.

    If you don't agree, that's fine, but please no flames or personal attacks. I seem to attract a lot of those lately from a specific group of posters. Thanks.

    Here is a calculator to help you figure this out.

  3. Go back to first page to review new data.
  4. Alright ******* you win... I should've stated redline topspeed. Take it a little easy though, as this is a message board, not a debate. You sound like a cocky little 17 year old.
  5. real world > computer sims.

    and that video of me vs. jasonh_86, while awseome because I won ( ;) ) is flawed as well. Not flawed, but our cars arent identical. VERY SIMILAR, but not identical. I looked at a few of our slips, there was 1 race where he actually pulled on me VERY, VERY slightly (I still won :D ), and another where I pulled away from him quicker than he pulled on me the previous race.

    So what Im trying to say is, there are too many intangibles that a computer cant take into account. I appreciate the time you put into this thread, but Im sorry it is flawed. I will race a stock geared GT with identical mods any day and beat him. end of story.
  6. all this is nice but where is the real timeslips of 2 modded cars one with 4 10 and one with 3 27 on stock tires not drag radials.

    i have seen people on stock tires LOSE 2 tenths by adding 4 10 gears. this is why i dont have a gear yet because i just dont know which way to go 3 73 or 4 10 and its a 600 $ big step. i have been waiting for someone with 3 27 to get a 4 10 with the same set up and go to the track and see if they gained or what was gained.

    i just want to see some timeslips from someone so i can buy gears :D
  7. where is the new data.i looked on page 1 and see nothing but flawed data?

  8. don't base anything off of the original data on this topic. it's way off.

  9. He speaks the truth.. While my car may have more hp/tq to the wheels, his gears are lower than mine and his car pulls harder.. I have advanced timing, cai (if it's worth anything), and u/d Pulleys on him and he's running right with me, and ahead of me with ALL-SEASON SUMI'S!! Sure he can drive like a mofo, but simply because he's got a lower gear ratio than me, he can pull harder than I can due to the very little difference in hp/tq. I've driven his car several times and I can tell you it is a completely different feel than my 3.73's and a LOOOTTT different than his car was with 3.27's. It made me change my mind to go with 4.10's (at least) since i'm staying N/A.

    Point of story: 4.10's pull harder than stock gears.. When you put any 2 evenly matched/driven cars head-to-head, one has 3.27's and one has 4.10's.. the 4.10's will come out the victor 10 times out of 10.

  10. here is an example..its not perfect given the 6 month period in between runs...but with stock gears my 1/8th time was

    60' - 2.02
    1/8 - 8.81

    the weather was better for that run than it was for my next comparison run with 3.73 gears, other mods being equal.

    60' - 1.98
    1/8 - 8.50

    for that run, the temp was in the mid 90s with high humidity, clearly not optimal for the best times..but i picked up .3 by adding gears and slightly dropping my 60'- not enough to make THAT big a difference...

    like others have said, computer simulations are fine for estimates, but they cant do real world and can only be taken with a grain of salt..
  11. With stock tires, it takes more skill to launch with 4.10's than with stock 3.27's. However, a skilled driver will be quicker with 4.10's. A non-skilled driver may actually be slower with 4.10's because he will spin the tires more, losing the advantage of the 4.10's. That's why I say the first objective should be traction. After you have traction, horsepower and gearing become important. Without traction, you might as well be driving a Honda Civic.
  12. thats what i am looking for thanxxxx
  13. just read his new data. this is going to be a 300+ post topic i bet LOL
  14. Sry the new data is up!!!!
  15. :Word: THANK YOU JIM!

    after switching to 4.10s, my first pass down the track was SLOWER than with my stock gears. SOOOOOOO, I adjusted my driving, and I was running .5 faster with the 4.10s on the same tires, same driver, same mods as before the 4.10s. Now Ive added a TB/Plenum and some better driving, and I'm running .8 faster.
  16. Side note: Was that tb/plenum really worth it Helt? I'm thinking on it but I can't quite decide.
  17. ok i just took a good look at his data.and his 4.10 car is not hooking up untill the top of 2nd gear. look at the percentage of throttle.

    the 60 foot times for both cars is in the 2.29 range thats not good at all. esp. with 4.10's

    i think every 4.10 owner can agree that you can hook up in first let alone second.

    i think the wheel spin is tainting the numbers a lot. but at least these numbers are AS FLAWED as the originals

    this is probally a good example of how a bad driver will slow down with 4.10's
  18. Your computer sim is FLAWED , just looking at the 14.5 for a stock 03, sorry but thats way OFF !
  19. Agreed, it's a good simulation but I know with my 3.90s I don't use that much throtte... let alone if I had 4.10s...
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