4.10 Or 3.73

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  1. Currently I have a 3.73 posi in my 88 5.0 LX, but I'm considering swapping it to a 4.10. I don't race it yet, except the little eclipse that wants to get eaten up occasionally.

    Just wondering if anyone out there drives city and highway with a 4.10, and what has your experience been with it?
  2. Leave the 3.73 gears in there, IMHO. They are a great all around gear, not bad on the high way and work well on the track with either a 26 or 28" tire. As your power level increases (natural mustang mod progression) and if you are racing more you can run into a problem with "running out of gear" on the top of the track with the 4.10. Just too many rpm's for a stock block
  3. Couldn't agree more! Stay 3.73s!! Make more power! And get it to the ground!!:nice:
  4. Yeah, what they said.
  5. 410 versus a 373 is 10 percent higher RPM, so if you're currently running 2000 rpm on the highway, a 410 would raise it to 2200, and you'd lose a couple mpg. If you're already lighting the tires up with a 373, there's not much point in going to a 410.
  6. Not worth the money,time, or effort IMO. Better $$ spent elsewhere.
  7. Thanks for the responses, I'll stay 3.73. Considering putting it up for trade for SN95 gt 5 speed, but I have no idea what the value of mine is

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  8. i just ditched my 3.73's for 4.10's i cant tell a bit of difference honestly. once i get it to the track i better see some change lol
  9. Time for a franklin quick change..lol. Do they still make those? They were all the rage back in the day. We used to love them. Just take off the rear cover and swap from 3.00 to 4.11 in ten minutes.
  10. you mean a winters? based off the jag rears?
  11. Yep..... been 20+ years since I've seen one. I remember they had straight cut gears and whined like the old cloyes timing gears set.
  12. yup! they are still out there... they actually use those gears for procharger gear drive set ups. very popular with dirt track cars also