5.0 "engine tick"

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  1. Has anyone else encountered the "engine tick"? I've been reading online and it seems very very common...even with new cars driven off the showroom floor. As far as I've read tho, there hasn't been a clear cause of it.
  2. I have 2,000 miles on my car. Haven't heard any ticking. Can you here it inside the car, or only outside when the hood is up and you lay your head on the valve cover?
  3. Can't hear it inside the car unless I'm next to a wall but can definitely be heard standing outside the car and much more when the hood is up
  4. My car is away for the winter now, but I heard it before I put it away. I was hoping I would read more about the cause by the time I pulled the car out in Spring. Build date on mine is early August, 2010.
  5. Do you notice it all the time or only on start-up/cold engine?
  6. it's all the time actually...I've heard that's it's probably a lifter issue. Since it's so widespread I'm sure Ford will have to address it at some point :shrug:
  7. Hi BLKsteeda and tom964,

    This is Deysha with Ford Customer Service. Has this issue been resolved for you yet? If not, I’d like to look into this for you. Could you please message me your dealer, mileage, VIN, and contact info?

  8. Ls1's did the same thing. No worries
  9. Hi Deysha, no the problem hasn't been resolved yet. I haven't had my dealership look into it yet...I'm about due for my first oil change and was going to have them listen to it when I brought it in.
  10. That sounds great. If you want, let me know when you do.

  11. Mine does it too, but stops after its warmed up. Not too worried about it for now since every DHOC I've ever owned has done it.
  12. So i had a 2011 for a year and a half and at 10k got the tick. ford did a new timing belt, new lifters and cam phaser. They gave it back to me with the same noise. this was at 30k. once that happened i decided to just get rid of it. i traded it in on a 2012 on dec 15 2012. i just hit 7500 with my new one and i got the same tick. I just heard it today for the first time. Im beyond upset!!! any info from anyone would be appreciated... [email protected]. i have an apt on monday so ford can document it.
  13. Wow a timing belt on a engine that has chains that drive the camshafts.........................hmmmmmm
  14. Oops type-o it has a chain my bad...but really thanks for the helpful tip.
  15. My 2012 GT/CS now has 7500 miles but I started to hear the "tick" at around 3K when the car was next to a drive thru wall. I can't hear it inside the car.
  16. That's pretty much how I heard mine for the first time. It was a nice day outside, had my windows down. If you never have your windows down you would most likely never hear.it. the only time my 11 would tick at idle was after a nice long drive and if it was hot out. Then it would sound like all the videos on you tube. Make sure its documented at a dealership incase something happens. I'll keep posting on here once I get more info on Monday.
  17. I had a loud tick,The spring and plunger was bad on one of my cam phasers, its a lot better now,must have been damaged on Assembly !
  19. The 2013 are without the oil sprayers? I hope it doesn't hit me, but I will keep an ear out.
  20. For the record: my 2014 still has 3/4 of a tank from delivery and I noticed a tick at idle when I opened the door after my 1st commute home from work. It's not there cold. I'm a little disappointed.

    It's not audible in the car. It's once or twice per revolution (not multiple valves or injectors). Pretty much goes away above idle.