5.0 swap

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  1. I am building a 1983 conv for my grand son he is having a 5.0 rebuilt for this car it has a sick 6cyl in it has any one done this is their any kits avable for this swap?? I have a 1949 pick up and has a stock flat head in I don't have much experence on these modern cars. Both engines are carborated
  2. Try the 5.0 forum they may be able to help you better!
  3. good thing with having an 83 stang is that they came with a 302 optional. You can probably go to a junkyard and pick up motormounts from any 79-93 mustang and it will be a direct bolt in, depending on his transmission. If it has a C4 auto. I know for a fact that it'll bolt up no problem. Main thing with those is that you'll have to find headers (or exhaust manifolds), new transmission spacer plate (to match V8), starter, etc.

    Like Greenbioch said.......the V8 guys know more of the mechanics as far as what is involved, since I"m sure that most of them have given up on the V6 a long time ago
  4. Which 6-banger is it? The V6 or the I6??

    If it's the I-6 you will need to change the crossmember to a I4, V6 or v8 crossmember. The I6 crossmember is unique and will not work with a V8.

    But if your crossmember is fine, dropping a 302 in is pretty easy.

    I'd go over to the 5.0 boards and ask though.
  5. did they ever put the 300 ci in a stang? I know they were in the trucks and other ford vehicles, but I really didn't think they were in the stangs :shrug:
  6. last time an inline six was produced from the factory in a mustang was 1973, after that it was inline 4s, v6, v8's. 300 was just a little too long for a stang, even though in 73 they had the 270 I-6.
  7. Wrong, they did put an I-6 in the fox.

    Originally the '79 Mustang came with a 2.8L V-6. I guess ford was having problems so they replaced it with the 200ci 3.3L I-6 motor

    The I-6 was used late 79 to '81 before being replaced with the 3.8L V6