5.0 vs 4.6

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  1. Just as the title says. I just wanted to get everyones input on the best motor stock for stock and the best for modding, reliability, strongest, which can support the most power, etc.:)
  2. stock for stock, they are almost even - with the PI 4.6 pulling out up top. Modding, imo 4.6 for FI/turbo, 5.0 for n/a modding
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  4. I can see this thread going on page after page. I have a 4V, 2V and a 5.0L. They all have their ups and downs, it is just what you like best. I don't have favorites, so I bought all three.

    Let the show go on......:fairyfight:
  5. the mods are smoother running engines.
  6. 4.6 has a much stronger block than the 5.0

    4.6 is a smoother more efficient engine

    5.0 is the bang for the buck motor if building it naturally aspirated

    4.6 sucks to build naturally aspirated, too expensive and doesnt yield enough gains

    Both are very reliable when taken care of

    5.0 has a gargantuan aftermarket, the 4.6 (2v) is strong, but not strong enough to impose low prices

    Both sound great

    5.0 for ease to work on, 4.6 is only a little more complicated with the OHC setup

    5.0 has tons of tourqe right off the line, 4.6 makes it grunt high in the RPM range

    Blow up a 5.0 on Friday, go pick up a low mile shortblock for a few hundred bucks and have it running by Sunday night

    Blow up a 4.6 on Friday, cry, bring out the plastic, bend over/grab ankles, have running by Sunday night ready to sell on Monday morning!!!
  7. 5.0 if youre going to build a monster, 4.6 is you are going to have a mean street car
  8. It depends on the setup.
  9. I've owned two 5.0's and my current 4.6 4V. For me, I luv the higher reving 4.6 . To be still pulling power at 6,000RPM's feels nice, compared to my one modded 5.0 that ran out of breath at 4,900RPM.

  10. WHat he said X2

    I esp. love how a 5.0 can be had for couple hundred bucks if you blow your motor. If i blow my 4.6L, i'm out a few grand :(
  11. In stock trim, I would say that the 99-04 2v & the 96-04 4v has more power, but modded its a different story....5.0's are easy to make fast N/A & much cheaper than building a fast N/A 4.6. F/I its still cheaper to build a 5.0, but with F/I, I would say that a 4.6 is gonna respond better & be faster....I am glad i have both a 4V & a 5.0, its just too bad my stock 5.0 feels like a turd after driving my Mach 1...

    I have a couple of buddys with modded H/C/I 306ci Fox Bodys, & on the street, both of there cars hang with, or beat, bolt on, pullied Terminators all day, & thats ALL MOTOR....
  12. I want this to go on. I want to get all the sides. I got in a dumb argument with a foxbody guy on my local forums because I made a false statement about the 5.0 and 4.6.
  13. Find me a 4.6 motor that can handle more HP and make more HP than a 347 stroker motor with twin 76mm turbos.
  14. Im saying 5.0 basically but im no expert.
  15. find a 281 engine that can make the same power as a stroked 347 with the same mods.....yes this is a logical comparison.
  16. impossible 347 more dicplacement more power hypothetically if they are the same mods.
  17. a 347 is not a 5.0 though. so that doesnt count this arguement is over 5.0 vs. 4.6

    both have their strong points. the 4.6 loves boost and the 5.0 is very cheap to mod and can be made very fast on motor. parts can be found almost anywhere.

    the PI 4.6 2V puts out more power than a stock 5.0.
  18. was your argument, not mine. remind's me of LS1 owner's arguments. Well no $hit u get more out of mods - you have a 5.7L and i have a 4.6L...
  19. Until some import guy points out that technology can close the displacement gap.