5.0Droptops 87 Coupe project

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  1. Sounds good pm me a price. Or if you need welding machining or sandblasting maybe we can work a trade.
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  2. I really like the look of the two tone you achieved by dyeing the dash the way you did. Looking really good man! :nice:
  3. He's just copying me, bastage :p
  4. Whatever guy. Yours don't look like mine. Lol

    Thanks 91 notch
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  5. Exactly, yours looks like mine lol. Gunmetal exterior, two tone interior, all you need is some cobras and you have the lx version of my car lol
  6. Sounds like a plan! :nice:
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  8. Even trade I got a killer deal!
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  9. Your going to love it. How many miles are on it?
  10. yeah you did, i loved driving my 02 after the fox.

    very good deal now you will have to find out how hard it is to sell a yellow car

    look through the 4.6 sectoin I bought a 40 $ shifter off ebay that really made the shifting great. I also needed a clutch and went with a 03-04 cobra clutch, what a nice driving car. I got 4K when I traded it, probably could have gotten 5-6 outright it had 138k on it
  11. Car has 115000
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  12. get some lowering springs and a new set of shocks/struts
  13. I'm gonna do that and sfc.
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  14. Got maximum Motorsport SFC coming.
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  15. what the HECK is a SFC
  16. SFC = Sub frame connector
    how long you been on this site LOL
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  17. all your damn phonetics STFU NOOBIE