5.4 3v pictures 98% finished

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by billfisher, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. ok you asked for it. i didn't do any 'intermediate' pics.


    some of it is ugly right now, but future proper looking fixes are in the works. it ain't easy finding things that don't exist like hoses. the 4.6 upper hose won't go onto the 5.4 3v outlet. it is large enough so the 4.6 hose can't be forced on. i hate ugly fixes, even if they are temporary. i guess with all of the other serious problems i should be glad to only have to splice a hose or two.
  2. Thats awsome man, you truly are a brave one for tackling such a project
  3. dude that is going to be one sick @$$ car
  4. Damn, work blocks me from viewing personal website links. :mad:

    I guess I'll view this at home. :nonono:
  5. Any expecitations on hp numbers.
  6. Bill, great job! Can hardly wait until you tune it and have some numbers to report. It looks fine the way it is.
  7. I will check this out 1st thing in the morning. Great work, Bill. The dyno day will be well worth the wait. :nice:
  8. Dude .... that is awesome!!!:nice:
  9. as far as expectations on hp. i hate to throw out pie in the sky numbers.

    my best guess until dyno day

    factory 300 hp/365 lb-ft

    short runner intake with 1 1/2 litre incease in plenum volume and CMCC plate/rod removal = 25 conservative hp. 25 because until i forge the bottom end 5500 is max safe rpm's

    high flow 1 5/8" shorty header = 8 hp
    exact exhaust dia and length to be determined with strip runs, but it is WAY better than the single exhaust trucks are stuck with. give it another 8 hp to be conservative.

    proper tune = 10 hp conservative.

    now we all know things don't add up just like that.

    so my initial expectations are 325fwhp/385fwtq to 350hp/385tq.

    these heads flow right with ls-6 in stock form. ford has claims on airflow i won't quote because they are rediculous. i am not going to sacrifice tq for hp. when companies have custom cams available i am looking for tighter lobe centers. if you saw the lobe speration on these cams, it would piss you off. ford is playing with the exhaust lobes for EGR. they traded serious power for emissions. even 114* lobes will make major gains. ford appears to be letting the flow get them by on power in exchange for emissions. you are seeing scary numbers from 4.6 3v's with just a cam change.
  10. this is sick... i love it. keep up all the hard work. it will all be worth it.