5.4 4V Navi Lincoln Mark VIII SWAP

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by 95Vert383AOD, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. As some of you know i started this project sometime last year. Well i'm about ready to put the motor in. (After some heavy motor mount and oil pickup tube fabrication)

    Does anyone have pics of how close the stock motor comes to the power booster on the Lincoln Mark 8? I'm thinking i may have to get a smaller booster and possibly re-drill mounting holes. But i rather redrill holes with the motor out.

    Other than that it seems like the 5.4 will go right in...
    Not much strut tower clearance though. And i couldn't use the Canton pan...Seems like the cross member gives less clearance than a mustang it was designed for.

    But i Digress....I need to see exactly how much clearance there is on the 4.6 between the valve cover and Brake Booster. Pics greatly appreciated.

    I'll turn this into the official thread seeing that everything is now coming back together.

  2. BUMP.....Anyone have any ideas or comments?
  3. Oh wow thanks....it looks like the cover sits a lil forward of it. I think the additional motor size should be fine but it will be a tight squeeze.