5 lug axel from a maverick?

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  1. Would a 5 lug axel from a maverick work on a II? Some guy at the salvage yard told me it would be the best bet, but I heard the 65, 66 was good. It's not anything I'm doing soon, just thinking about it.
  2. I have installed a handful of rear ends in the II.

    I was looking for a maveric 8" for this latest install, found a Granada first. Cost $75 drum to drum, centers good, needs new axle bearings and the brakes need refurbished.

    Maybe I'll find a Maveric for the next one.

    It's not difficult, and swapping complete axles is the best way to go 5 lug in the rear.

  3. I just reread this .... did you mean just the axle shafts or the entire assembly?

    I've only swapped drum to drum, I hear parts can be mixed and matched and use Ranger drums with the II brake plates, I don't see the point. Why stick with dinkey brakes?
  4. I'm not sure what all goes into swapping axels. lol But I also read that 64-66 mustang is a direct fit, and I bet with all the aftermarket you could find some pretty good brakes for that axel as well. I'd just like to go 5 lug, what do you do about the front?
  5. For the front you can go with the 11" Granada setup if your looking for bigger brakes costs $200-$300. Or, you could just buy replacement rotors that are 5-lug for like $50 thanks to the hot rod crowd.
  6. cool... that will probably be my next big project, after I get this tranny problem taken care of.
  7. I just came into a 5-lug Maverick rear end for $50. (Glad I used the search function on these boards!) My big spring project just got a little bigger. . . .
  8. I put a 9" in with 350 gears in from a 77? granada into mine many years ago, easy, (bolt right in) fit.

  9. Actually, no , it doesn't and it isn't.

    It only seems that way.
  10. Sorry, I meant on the spring purches lol.
  11. What if I just pull the axles from the Maverick and keep the 8" carrier? Is it the same spline? The hub-to-hub distance is nearly the same; I did a quick measurement and it looks like the Maverick is 1/2" longer.

  12. Thats also what I meant.
  13. That's exactly what I done except I didn't machine .300 of an inch off the ends of the Granada axles. I didn't realize they were longer. I wonder if that would make much of a difference?

    It isn't quite as easy of a change to go back to 4 lug as you might think. You still have to press the II bearing retainers off the old axles and onto the new ones unless you have an extra set laying around.

  14. :rlaugh:
  15. You're reading my mind. What's the downside to not doing this?
  16. Maybe, maybe not. I would measure to be sure. If the axle binds the spider pinion, it will trash the diff. in short order.
  17. The guy at .net did have a spare set of retainers.
  18. sorry but that seems like a lot of work--specially if you do not have access to a lathe,machining skills , etc. I am with mad mark. Sure a 64-66 mustang 9" will fit if you can find one , but why not upgrade drum to drum like I did with an 8.8 " rear?? I am not saying this is the way to go because of the suspension work involved . BUT it does allow you to use readily available later model wheels. The explorer/ranger rears are 2" wider which allow for the newer offset rims to be used without any inner/outer fender clearence problems. As far as the fox body 8.8" rears go I am not sure of the dimensions. I have heard that the maverick/ granada rears fit ,but at the sacrifice of twisting your leafsprings outward about 1/2 " All I know is my 8.8 with ladder bars and coilovers hooks like cheese whiz on the first day of trout season!! If you would like any more info on my swap please e-mail me and I will do my best to help