5000 mile world class T-5, how much should I sell it for.

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  1. I got a rebuilt T-5 that had the world class upgrade done to from a friend. He had it in his cobra kit car and when his motor blew up he had a 331 built. During that time I bought the trans from him for 350, and he bought a G-Force T-5. My trns was busted so I put in and ran it for about 3000 miles before my motor broke. I am now in the process of getting a 331 also and want to put a G-Force T-5 behind it. I was going to put the trans on ebay but I wasnt sure what a good price would be. Between both cars that it was in it has about 8000 miles on the rebuild. So what do you guys think. I know the title line says 5000 mile but it is actually around 8000
  2. Did you do an ebay search to see what they're going for?
  3. i have a g force in my 331 nitrous car.....i can leave the line on the bottle and it does not even phase it
  4. There is no world class upgrade. Its either WC or it isn't. What is the tag number or what year stang is it out of? 85-89 $400-$600 90+ $600-$800 depending on mileage.
  5. man listen to this, my buddy had his on e-bay it had 6k original on it.. a guy bidded on it and won. pays my buddy through paypal, drives upto MI to pick it up, takes it apart in the driveway and decides he doesnt want it anymore. my buddy already had the money spent. the guy put the trans back togeather, but id would be Pist as hell!
  6. Wow, thats crazy. Thats why I put the disclosure in my ebay listings that say, No Warrantys and No Guarantees. That way the guy can pound sand and bring the tranny to his house in a basket. Thats insane! I'd have still told him no way unless I knew for sure I advertised it as something that it wasnt. Like say a World Class T-5 and it ended up being some 265 Ft/lb tranny from an 86 Mustang.
  7. when my friend had the tranny rebuilt he said he paid for a different gearset than what was in the tranny originally. When I put it in my car I noticed that 1st gear wasnt as short as it was in factory 91 trans. He said that the rebuild kit was called a world class but the first 2 gear ratio's were different than the factory gears that were in originally. I think his trans was out of an 89 or 90.
  8. Its possible it was upgraded to Z spec, so you could get closer to a grand for it. Do some research, there is world class and non world class. A non WC can not be upgraded to WC.
  9. I'll give ya 100 bucks right now on the spot!
  10. hey if u have it in like a month i will give you 400 or so for it
  11. Yea, man. if anyone offers you over 300 bucks for a rebuilt transmission that has 8000 miles on it. I would take there money and RUN!!!